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Kaili Chords – Caribou

Kaili – Caribou F#m C#m A C#m F#m C#m A C#m She can hold on to her own – If it comes to push and shove She has kept a lookout on – Over what's left of their love 2x | F#m C#m | F#m C#m | A C#m | A C#m | F#m C#m […]

Eiko Echano – Hisher Song chords

v1 A Diko maintindihan ang pakiramdam na ito F#m sa tuwing nandyan ka ako'y tuliro E nagiisip, kung sasabihin ngayun D A — oh itatago nalang sayo v2 nararamdaman ko na ikay may pagtingin hindi mapakali , kaw lagi ang nasa isip parang kakaiba ang mga hirit mo may mga ngiti ka pang ibig sabihin? […]

Get Up Chords – Planetshakers V3

If you want to play Get up in your acoustic Guitar, here! Get up Intro: Dm – Bb , G – F Verse 1: Dm Bb G With every breath that I take F I'll praise you Dm Bb G F With Every move that I make Dm Bb G With Everything that I am […]

Hirngespenster Chords – Tonbandgerat

[STROPHE 1] Cm Es gab mal eine Zeit in der wir D# täglich vor'm Kiosk saßen und G# unsere Hirngespenster Gm eine rosige Zukunft erfanden. Cm In der war alles gut wir hatten D# die beste Zeit und G# die krassten Jobs und Gm war'n endlich frei bis Cm dahin nur die zehnte packen D# […]

When We All Get To Heaven Chords – Brad Hooks

Capo 3 Intro Bm G D A E————————————————————-| B————————————————————-| G——2————2————-2—————2———–| D———4-2———–4-2—0——-4-2————4-2——| A—2—————————————-2-2————–| E————–3-3——————————————–| VER 1 D G D A Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, G A Sing His mercy and His grace; D G In the mansions bright and blessed A Bm He’ll prepare for us a place. Refrain: G D When we all […]

J Ai Une Histoire Triste Chords – Les 3 Fromages

J AI UNE HISTOIRE TRISTE Tout le long de la chanson : C Am F G J ai une histoire triste, a vous raconter J ai une occlusion intestinale et ca me dechire le trou de balle Mais c est pas le pire, j ai eu un accident En conduisant jusqu aux toilettes, j ai […]

Je Mange Desequilbre Chords – Les 3 Fromages

Je mange desequilibre A G D J aime manger du miel avec du poisson pane A G D E J adore ca, les endives au nutella Refrain : G D A G D A Et je mange desequilibre, des shamallows dans mon cassoulet G D A G D E Et je mange desequilibre, des raviolis dans […]

Come With Me Chords – Martin Nievera

Come With Me Martin Nievera Chords By: naguenyong vinx Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (Ab) Intro: A – D -; (3x) A Won't you come with me D A F , G Won't you be my love A You're so right you see D G Esus , E Sent here from above A […]

Whats On The Other Side Chords – Martin Nievera

What's On The Other Side Martin Nievera Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: F – Bb – C pause Dm – C – Bb pause C pause, F pause F Daylight is falling Bb C Into the hands of the night F Destiny's calling F In my rude awakening Bb C It follows no special road […]

Deadly Sin Acoustic Chords – Shy Nature

Beautiful Song!!! All Thanks to Shy Nature!!! Have Fun www.shynature.com Deadly Sin Capo On 7th Fret!!! (Chords without Capo: Refrain: G , Cm , G , Em , C , D7 Verse: G , Em , C ) Refrain: C Fm C Son son son You cut your skin Am F G7 Can't stop now […]

Bruxelles Chords – d*** Annegarn

Couplet: ========= E B Bruxelles ma belle Bm A Je te rejoins bientôt, Ab Aussitôt que Paris me trahit Bbm Ebm Fm Et je sens que son amour aigrit et puis Elle me soupçonne d'être avec toi le soir Je reconnais c'est vrai tous les soirs dans ma tête C'est la fête des anciens combattants […]

Tote Tiere Tabs by Supershirt

Superhirt / Captain Capa – Tote Tiere INTRO & OUTRO E—————————————————————————| H—————————————————————————| G—10–12—-10——10–12/14–12-10—–10–12—-10——————10-| D-12–12—-12——12–12—————12–12—-12—–10-10-10-10-10—-| A—————————————————————————| E—————————————————————————| E—————————————————————————-| H—————————————————————————-| G—10–12—-10—-10–12/14–12-10—-10–12—-10———–10————| D-12–12—-12—-12–12————–12–12—-12—–10(x13)—(12———|im Outro A—————————————————————————-| E—————————————————————————-| REFRAIN E——————————————| H——————————————| G-7——–1010-12——1010—15—-1414–| D-x-(x14)–x-x–x-(x6)–x-x—-x-(x6)-x-x–| x4 A-5——–8-8–10——8-8—-13—-1212–| E——————————————| INTERLUDE E———————–| H—————-10—–| G—-10—-10——-10–| D-12—-12—-12——–| x3 A———————–| E———————–| E———————–| H—————-11-10–| G—-10—-10———–| D-12—-12—-12——–| A———————–| E———————–| E———————–| H—————-10—–| G—-10—-10——-10–| D-12—-12—-12——–| x3 A———————–| E———————–| E———————–| H—————-11-10–| G—-10—-10———–| […]

Im Juli Chords – Isabell Schmidt

Isabell Schmidt, Im Juli, 2013 Album: Alles hat seine Zeit Standardtunig (EAGDBe) Intro (only one downstroke): Am G Em F 2x Vers (only one downstroke): Am G Em F Deine Koffer sind gepackt. Du willst auf die Reise gehen. Am G Em F Hast du schon oefter dran gedacht, zu fliehen ohne dich umzudrehen. Am […]

Teenage Kings Tabs by Emblem 3

Teenage Kings by Emblem3 Tuning: Standard Intro: (Also plays in the verse) |———————————–| |——5—–8——6———-8—-| |——-5—7———7-7—–9—–| |—-5—–5——7—-7————| |—3————5——–5s8——-| |———————————–| Chords: C G Dm F |——-| |——-| |——-| |——-| |—5—| |——-| |—6—| |——-| |—5—| |—4—| |—7—| |—2—| |—5—| |—5—| |—7—| |—3—| |—3—| |—5—| |—5—| |—3—| |——-| |—3—| |——-| |—1—| C G I take a puff of my […]

Blizzard Chords – Fauve

————**** FAUVE – BLIZZARD ****—————— [$] —-> quart de temps $ —-> 3 quarts de temps COUPLETS Am [G] Am [G] C [F/C] C [Dm] en accords ouverts F/C E -0- B -1- G -0- D -3- A -3- E -0- REFRAIN e ———————–| B ———————–| G —-5–5–5—4——–| Riff1 D —7–7–7–5———-| A ———————–| E ———————–| […]

Who Are You Feat Olivier Daysoul Chords – C2c

Dm , F , Bb , Gm , C La la la La la la Dm F I feel like a pimp Bb Another man in the middle Gm C It's already rope Dm F I know there's a light at the end Bb Gm C But the tunnel seems so narrow Trying to find […]

This Love Tabs by Planetshakers V4

Planetshakers This Love Tab Dropped D by Kenn Aducal Guitar 1 Intro and verse PM-| |—————————————————–| |—————————————————–| |—————————————————–| |—————————————————–| |———3-3h5—3-3h5~———3-3h5—–5-5p3——| |-0-0–0——–0———–0-3~——-3-5————| . . Refrain PM——————————-| |———————————–| |———————————–| |———————————–| |———————————–| Repeat 3x |-0-0-0-2-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-7-8-8-10-10-| |-0-0-0-2-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-7-8-8-10-10-| PM———————–| |——————————–| |——————————–| |——————————–| |————————-7—8–| |-0-0-0-2-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-5-7—8–| |-0-0-0-2-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-5-7—8–| Chorus |———————————-| |-3-3-3—6-6-5h6–5-5-5\—8-8-8\-| |-2-2-2—5-5-5—-5-5-5\—7-7-7\-| |-.-.-.—————————-| 3x |———————————-| |———————————-| PM |———————–| |———————–| |-3———5—–7–7–| |-3———5—–7–7–| |-1——-0-3—–5–5–| |———0——-.–.–| […]

All Im Losing Is Me Chords – Saves The Day

Saves The Day All I'm Losing Is Me Stay What You Are 2001 Vagrant Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: A Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: F#m – 244222 D – xx0232 A – x02220 E – 022100 Bm – x24432 C#m – x46654 Intro: F#m — D — x2 Verse 1: F#m The moon hangs […]

Paint The Youth Chords – Lemuria

Lemuria Paint The Youth The Distance Is So Big 2013 Bridge 9 Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: C Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C – x32010 G – 320003 Am – x02210 F – 133211 Bb – x13331 Intro: Am – G – Am – G -F(hold) Verse 1: F Am G Fans of Shakespeare […]

Das Wasser Chords – Wise Guys V2

CAPO: 1 STROPHE: Dm Am Em Gm Dm Am Em Gm Bb C Dm Bb C Dm REFRAIN: Gm Dm Bb Dm (oder F ) Gm Cm Bb – Gm Bb Dm (oder F ) Gm ( Cm Cm Gm Gm Dm Dm F F ) x2 STROPHE 1: Dm Am Weil du schon eine […]