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Heart Of Oak chords – Richard Hawley

D D/A G Em E|–2—-5—–3—-3— B|–3—-3—–3—-5—— G|–2—-2—–4—-4—- D|–0—-0—–0—-0——- A|–0—-0—–x—-x—– E|–0—-0—–x—-x—— D D/A D G Em D Bm You're precious to me, like Owen's poetry G D And I wish you well, my Heart of Oak D When you sang Bay of Biscay Bm The whole world it drifted away G And the wind it sighed […]

A Girl Like You chords – Cliff Richard

A Girl Like You – Cliff Richard and the Shadows Jerry Lordan Label: Columbia Original key: D Reached #3 in 1961 in the UK. In the original: In the first verse only single arpeggio chords are played where marked. The chords are marked on the second line but are not played. #1: D A7 D […]

She Never Could Resist A Winding Road chords – Richard Thompson

D In the old cold embers of the year G D When joy and comfort disappear G G/F# I search around to find her Em I'm a hundred miles behind her G A D A The open road whispered in her ear D She never could resist a winding road G D She never could […]

Patty Dont You Put Me Down chords – Richard Thompson

Patty Don't You Put Me Down Gm Patty don't tell me one thing and change your mind Cm Gm We might be in bed together but the deal's not signed Cm Gm They say you collect shrunken heads, would you like to have mine? A# Eb/G Patty don't you put me down A# Eb/G Patty […]

No Peace No End chords – Richard Thompson

B Bsus4 Where were you when the walls were crumbling B Bsus4 Where were you when the guns were rumbling B G Where were you when the hounds of hell C G D Took sons and lovers away B Bsus4 Did you see me on the slippery slope B Bsus4 Wrong end of a telescope […]

Long John Silver chords – Richard Thompson

e—–8 8 5 5———————-| B—————–8—8 7 – 8-7——| G——————————-6–| D———————————-| A———————————-| E———————————-| D Long John Silver, he was on me like a rash C/D Gave him my trust, gave him my cash D Should have seen through him, should have seen from the start C/D There's nothing but black in pirate's heart G Should have […]

Josephine chords – Richard Thompson

Josephine Capo on 2nd Bm A Em Josephine paces her room Bm A Em F#m Josephine wishes the stars would appear A C#m Em Breathless she'll run to her tryst G#m G On the brow of the hill E If God will Bm A Em Josephine looks for a rose Bm A Em F#m To […]

Broken Doll chords – Richard Thompson

Broken Doll Dm Am You called for me so here I am Dm Am Not a boy and not a man Gm Dm Gm Am Man enough to know the odds are long Dm Am They dress you up and keep you clean Dm Am Like courtiers around a queen Gm Dm Am7b5 Show you […]

Beatnik Walking chords – Richard Thompson

Beatnik Walking Notes played around E chord on 7th Fret equates to chords shown e|——————————————————————9———| B|———9—–10-9——————–9–10–9———–9—12–10–9—–| G|–9–11—–9——9——9–9–11————-9–9–11———————| D|————————————————————————-9–| A|—————————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————————-| E Eadd2/B E G#5 E Hand me down my walking shoes E Eadd9 E Esus4 E And Mr. Murdoch's news E Eadd9 E E6 E Esus4 E B I'm going thunder rain or shine E […]

All Buttoned Up chords – Richard Thompson

D G D G I got a girl – best girl in the world D G D But she won't give me a taste of it D G D G Saving her bed – maidenhead D G D That's what I call a waste of it D G D G Crosses her arms – to […]

Cigaretka Na 2 Tahy chords – Richard Muller

Em Em/G cigaretka na dva tahy Am6 kratka silna Hako zivot Em Em/G v dyme s tebou stojim nahy Am6 H platonicky celkom zivo C G este raz a potom prsty D G horke ako funeral C G zacinam si byt isty D C Em ze do teba som sa zameral Em Em/G cigaretka na […]

Do Cista chords – Richard Muller

C Do pravdy az po usi G inventura na dusi F do cista a na dren C G F kolko sa s jednou pravdou nadriem C na dren a do cista G totalna ocista F konecne na zem C G F z velkej vysky nazriem. ®: C G Tak teda kadial fuka, ten spravny vietor […]

Spocitaj Ma chords – Richard Muller

Am spocitaj ma kolko ma je Fmaj7 vsetky drobne porataj C ak vsetko na halier sadne E to len potom bude raj pocitaj ma pomalicky bud dosledna na chvilu viem nie som malicky Lahko dojde k omylu ®: Am G Fadd9 G zrataj vsetky moje vasne Fadd9 G E co ti prejdu cez ruky Am […]

Pursuasion chords – Richard Thompson

written by Richard Thompson and Timm Finn Intro: C Cmaj9 F Fmaj7 | G C Em Fmaj7 C Cmaj9 F Fmaj7 | G C Em Fmaj7 You and I, tempted by the promise of a different life C Cmaj9 F Fmaj7 | G C Em7 F Time has fled, there's a constant battle Running through […]

Last Fare Of The Day chords – Richard Shindell

Capo 2 For the strum pattern, I strum down once on the chord and then let it ring until changing to the next chord where I'll do an DDU and before the down of the next chord. Intro: [ G ][ D ][ Em ][ C ][ G ][ D ][ C ][ C ] […]

Haul Me Up chords – Richard Thompson

Intro Em Verse 1 G Haul me up please help me I'm drowning D G Haul me up to where I can breathe C Haul me up where the air is sweeter G D G Stretch out a hand a hand brother please Verse 2 G Well I'm walking in a sea of molasses D […]

Saviours Day chords – Cliff Richard

Saviour’s Day – Cliff Richard Capo on 1st All chords relative to capo! All Tablature is not relative to capo!! A x02220 D xx0232 E 022100 D7 xx0222 D6 xx0202 Dmaj7 xx0230 Bm x24432 INTRO e|——————————————-| B|—–6——————–6—————-| G|—7——–7–5——–7———7–5—–| D|8———8———-8———-8——3—| A|——-6———————6————-| E|——————————————-| A D E A D E VERSE A Now we have been through the […]

Drag Queen Blues chords – Richard Digance

Drag Queen Blues http://www.richarddigance.com/ Chords C C/B Am7 G7 G6 G7addD F F/E F/D |—0——0—–0—–1—–0—-1—–1—1—-1—| |—1——1—–1—–0—–0—-3—–1—1—-1—| |—0——0—–0—–0—–0—-0—–2—0—-0—| |—2——0—–2—–0—–0—-0—–3—2—-0—| |—3——2—–0—–2—–2—-2—–X—X—-X—| |—x——x—–X—–3—–3—-3—–X—X—-X—| (intro) C F G G7 G6 G7 G6 G7addD (TWICE) NO CHORD C F G G7 G6 G7 G6 G7addD My friend George is a drag queen called Nancy C F G G7 G6 G7 […]

Richard Berman – On The Mexican Coast chords V2

This song has an interesting chord progression. I've divided them up into easy chunks. The first verse goes 1121, the second goes 11121 and the chorus is 3 and then 3 again. Yes, there is a key change at the chorus, but it's only the chorus. This is all taken from listening and watching Berman […]