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Harbor Drive Hookup – Rollin Coal chords

Rollin' Coal, Written by Harbor Drive Hookup INTRO Em Em G Em C D Em Em Am Em C Bm CHORUS Em Rollin Coal Em G That's the only life he'll know Em Pullin' a load C D Down the Highways and back roads Em He goes it alone Em Am He knows more than […]

Highway Call chords – d***ey Betts

This is my first time trying anything like this, any advice is appreciated. Highway Call G C I'll always love the home road G D Precious memories G C Swimming hole where we use to go D G Swam in our old blue jeans G C When granddaddy told his story G D He always […]

Mt – Proud Mary chords

D Left a good job in the city Workin' for the man ev'ry night and day And I never lost one minute of sleepin' Worryin' 'bout the way things might have been A Big wheel keep on turnin' G Proud Mary keep on burnin' D Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river D Cleaned a lot […]

Porch Funkies – It Keeps On A Rollin chords

C I be pimpin' at the golf course, Am you know how I do E Hit it in the forest E and it goes straight through C Am Big Z, Thom, and Dr. G E Represent the 5, 4, 6, E I mean 4, 5, 3. C Hit it over the green Am watch it […]

Gin N Juice Chords – Snoop Dogg

Pretty easy song to play. Basically playing the same Bass Line all the way through. I wanted to include a version on UG because people like to have all their music and lyrics in one place. You can play thr chords, but i prefer just playing the Bass line notes. If you want to play […]

Kemosabe Chords – Everything Everything V2

Cm Four walls and a cauldron of Kalashnikoving, and our home is a trigger that I'm always pulling Gm At the border, at the, at the border, I'm at the border, at the, at the Border Cm The short spears and the weak eternal monologuing, and our war is the Crucible of all your longing […]

The Suspender Man Chords – Steam Powered Giraffe

—————————————————————————– Another good song by them singing Automatons, was surprised to not see it up here already : P A TON of Minor chords and Ostinatos Enjoy ;D —————————————————————————– One Moonlight Night! Banjo/Accordion intro Dm Bb One moonlight night in the bayou a silhouette F C The air was sweet and the fog was vi-o-let […]

Waitin On The Sky To Fall Chords – Steve Earle

Hammer on the low E string while playing the G chord. G I grew up in a military town G Waitin' on the sky to fall G D Everybody I knew hanqin' around wonderin' G What they'd do when the Draft Board called G Lookin' back it musta been a miracle G How I ever […]

So Fly Chords – Elle Varner V4

F I can't help being depressed A When I look down at my chest Dm Bb Oh yes, my chest it might as well be nonexistent Bb Bbm How can I ever compete With 34 double D's? F And I'm rollin my eyes A When I look down at my thighs Dm D They might […]

Rollin On Tabs by Washya

—————————————————————————– Rollin On – Washya —————————————————————————– Tuning: Drop C (DAFCGC) Intro D|—————————–| A|—————————–| F|—-3—-3—-3————–| C|-00-3-00-3-00-3-00-000-00-00-| G|-00-1-00-1-00-1-00-000-00-00-| C|-00—00—00—00-000-00-00-|x2 PM ** ** ** ** *** ** ** Verses D|————————————| A|————————————| F|————————————| C|————————————| G|-00-000-00-00-000-00-00-000-00-00-1-| C|-00-000-00-00-000-00-00-000-00-00-1-| PM ** *** ** ** *** ** ** *** ** ** Chorus D|——————————————–| A|——————————————–| F|——————————————–| C|——————————————–| G|-1-0-1-0-1-0-1/4\3-1-0-1-0-1/4\3–000-00-00-| C|-1-0-1-0-1-0-1/4\3-1-0-1-0-1/4\3–000-00-00-| PM *** ** **

Lances Song Chords – Zac Brown Band V3

Capo 1 C G x2 G C Doing what you love has a high price to pay D G Some put on a suit but he ran the other way G C His drums drown out the yuppies and the ones who couldn't dream D G Cause the freedom music gave him was worth more […]

The Bug Chords – Roy Orbison

The Bug:Roy Orbison. Monument Records in 1959. DNC. INTRO: D C (x2) #1. D C Well, down through the ages women had a time.. D C tryin' to get her man to walk the chalk line. D C To keep him on a string with a kiss and a hug.. D D7 but there's never […]

Wheels Rollin Chords – Jason Aldean V2

Key of Bb No Capo Alternatively could be played with a capo on the 1st fret and the chords would be Bm instead of Cm, A instead of A#, and E instead of F Cm A# Counting the lines on a highway road F A# Mile one by one Cm A# Flying through the midnight […]

Dublin Blues Chords – Guy Clark V2

Have a whiskey and a cigarette first… E A E I wish I was in Austin B In some Chili Parlour Bar E Drinkin' Mad Dog Margaritas A E And not carin' where you are E A E But here I sit in Dublin B Just rollin' cigarettes E Holdin' back and chokin' back A […]

Thats My Kind Of Night Chords – Luke Bryan V3

That's My Kind of Night- Luke Bryan Crash My Party Album This is my first tab. I know it's not perfect, but it's enough to start from. Feel free to email me feedback. eastonschu15@gmail.com. Standard Tuning (VERSE) E A I got that real good feel good stuff E A Up under the seat of my […]

Thats My Kind Of Night Chords – Luke Bryan V1

Luke Bryan, "Thats My Kind Of Night" This is the main riff: e|-0——5—-0-| B|-0——5—-0-| G|-1——6—-1-| D|-2——7—-2-| A|-2-s7-5-7—-2-| E|-0——5—-0-| (intro) 2x E A (verse) E A I got that real good feel good stuff E A Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck G A Rollin on 35s, pretty girl by my […]

Thats My Kind Of Night Chords – Luke Bryan V2

Intro E5 D5 A5 (x2) E5 D5 A5 I got that real good feel good stuff E5 D5 A5 Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck G6 Rollin' on 35s A5 Pretty girl by my side E5 D5 A5 You got that sun tan skirt and boots E5 D5 A5 Waiting […]

Thrift Shop Chords – Macklemore V8

Ok…the other versions of this song are good, but the lyrics are really hard to follow and the bridge is left out of a few of them, so I think this will help us UG Tab app users… Capo 4 Em I'm gonna pop some tags G Only got twenty dollars in my pocket A […]

Could Have Been My Baby Chords – Rob Baird

Could Have Been My Baby By Rob Baird Tabbed By Larry Mofle 8/1/2010 C C/B Am F Daddy works hard as a travelin salesman C C/B Am Fai You know he's just gotta pay them bills, man,i C C/B Am F C C/B Am Fu| E And momma don't work unless she's down at the […]

My Back Pages Chords – Bob Dylan V5

Intro: C Csus4 (4X) C Am Em Crimson flames tied through my ears F G C Rollin' high and mighty trap C Am Em Countless fire on flaming road F G Using ideas as my maps Am Em "We'll meet on edges, soon," said I F G Proud 'neath heated brow. C Am Em Ah, […]