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Dark Side Of Your Room chords by All Time Low

[Intro] F Bb [Verse 1] F This moment feels like an echo Bb We’ve done this dance a thousand times F You say that I need a refill Bb And twist me up ’til we blur the lines [Pre-Chorus 1] F Oh-oh-oh Bb Girl you make a fool of my heart F Oh-oh-oh Bb You […]

Living Room Song chords – The Wonder Years Vsion 4

The Wonder Years Living Room Song Key: Eb/D# Major Tuning: Half-a-Step Down (d#,A#,F#,C#,G#,D#) Matty Sievers The song is played half-a-step down like most TWY songs and you'll see a tab for each chord below. For the confused, tune your guitar down half a semi tone on each string then transpose this up a semi tone […]

Music In My Room chords – Cheryl Wheeler

Cheryl Wheeler – Music In My Room CAPO: 4th Fret G Cadd9 A7sus4 D/F# In my secret hideaway, I would play all night G Cadd9 So if you go out, hope you don't want me to A7sus4 D/F# G I've got a rendezvous with a stack of 45's INTERLUDE: G Cadd9 A7sus4 D G Cadd9/G […]

When You Walk In The Room chords – Kari Jobe

KEY: E This song continues from the end of How Majestic and goes back into Chorus after repeating serval times (as desire) Recommended to play in Capo 4. The chords shows below are CAPO 0. To view CAPO 4 chords, please transpose down to -4. E When You walk in the room A When You […]

Room Service chords – Fischer Z

Am – Bm – E (4x) Am Bm E 1. Oh, dear Rosanna, what shall I do? Am Bm E I called room service and they sent along you. Am F G Am C G E You came in, met me with a grin. If only you knew ! Am G Am G Am G […]

In My Room chords – The Mutton Birds

C – F – C – D (2x) + C – F – C – D (2x) C F C G C 1. In my room I can keep everything within reach, C F C – G all the switches and fittings are new. C F C G C I have tapped on the walls […]

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room intro Tabs – John Mayer V6

How about this? It's just the first part of the intro. If you know the song very well then you will be able to know the hammering,plucking,strumming and the power chords' parts So, the low E string is always played with the thumb. Thanks! :)))))) e————————4————| b————————5————| g——-9–9-8-9–8——–6———-| d————9-11-9-9-11-9-4-6——–| a–9-11—-11——-9-11-9————| e——–9-9————————–| e————————–4———-| b————————–5———-| g——-9–9-8-9–8——–4———-| d——=—–9-11-9-9-11-9-6-4-6-4-6–| […]

Room To Breathe chords – You Me At Six

Room To Breathe Chords -You Me At Six No Capo Standard Tuning (Bar chords sound more accurate) Intro: F#m , A , E , B (x3) F#m A I feel a little lost in this world E B I try a little noise and choke F#m A I've honestly never felt this alone E B […]

The Room Tabs by Misc Soundtrack

——————————————————————————- Main Theme from The Room ——————————————————————————- Written by Mladen Milicevic for The Room, a 2003 film written and directed by Tommy Wiseau : wszyscyzginiemy e|————————————————————————–| B|———————-13———————–11————————-| G|—0-12-0———-12—-12-10————–10—-10———————-| D|—2-14-2———————-13p12h13————–13-12h13-10———-| A|—2-14-2—————————————————————–| E|-0-0-12-0—————————————————————–| e|————————————————————–13-15——-| B|—————13-15—————-13-16-15–13-15h16p15–16————-| G|——12-14-15——-15-12-13—-15—————————————| D|–12———————————————————————-| A|————————————————————————–| E|————————————————————————–| ************************************ | h hammer-on | p pull-off ************************************

No Room In The Inn chords – The Donut Man

FM7 G7 Am7 G G C G C G C F C No room in the inn, no room in the inn, but you will find room in my heart, G Lord Jesus C G Am7 G C F Dm C No room in the inn, no room in the inn, but you will find […]

A Little Room To Play chords – Mary Amato

VERSE G Fill in the blank, it's time for a test G As soon as I'm done, it's on to the next C G True or false, just choose the one that's best A7 Am7 D Dsus4 Through the halls, I'm running out of breath CHORUS C Dadd4 C G But now I've got myself […]

A Different Room chords – Travis

A Different Room Travis EM G Once a while D I see what's going on AM And disappear G D G EM Into the world behind the one that's here G It never lasts D As long as a dream can last AM And then I'm back G Into the ways D G EM That […]

Left Lyrics In The Practice Room chords – Half Man Half Biscuit

(intro E A B , E A B E x2) E A "Demon fiend, leave your tomb, seek out the Virgin womb" B A Hey Chris from Future Doom, you left your lyrics in the practice room. E A "Cackling hag astride the broom – what dread upon the spume?" B Hey Chris I understand […]

Grey Room chords – Damien Rice V3

C Well I've been here before F Sat on the floor in a grey grey room C Where I stay in all day F I don't eat, but I play with this grey grey food C F Desole, if someone is prayin' then I might break out, C F Desole, even if I scream I […]