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Song For A Netflix Account Chords – Pat The Bunny Schneeweis

Intro, Post Chorus & Outro: G Em D C x2 Verses: (same as opening) G Em I lay down an awful wreck, D C Pissing out my window and smoking in bed. G The good don't die young, Em D C They just haven't had time to f*** up the same as the rest of […]

Hard Habit To Break Chords – Chicago V3

F# F# Ebm Ebm F# F# I guess I thought you'd be here forever Ebm Ebm Another illusion I chose to create B C# Ebm You don't know what you got until it's gone Abm F# E And I found out a little to late D E A A I was actin' as if you […]

Mind Mischief Tabs by Tame Impala V2

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief from their 2012 album Lonerism Intro: Guitar: e|————————————–| B|———6h7–6.-4.-6.–2————-| G|-3–4\—6h8–6.-4.-6.–3h4p3–3——| x4 D|-4–6\————————-4——| A|————————————–| E|————————————–| Verse 1: "Feels like my life is ready to blow, Me and my love we'll take it slow, I hope she knows that I'll love her long, I just don't know where the hell I belong" […]

Race Against Myself Chords – Offspring

Basically the chords are F#m , D , A , E and they repeat troughout the whole song. Same chords for intro: F#m , D , A , E F#m E All I want, All I need F#m Always lies just out of reach E I've been coming up empty F#m E I ran as […]

Love Like This Acoustic Chords – Kodaline

The acoustic version of this song is played primarily on piano, so I'm working on a full tab for it. For now this is a basic but accurate set of chords for the song. (the C#m7 should be played 042100 or 042400 rather than the X464544 Am barre) E Running through the heat heart beat […]

The Way That I Need You Acoustic Chords – Passenger

Capo I * = Strum Once INTRO C F X3 VERSE 1 C F C He's the deflated balloon wrapped around your gate F C G Cut priced to clear and past his sell by a date C F Am D9 He'll be fool running through the churchyard screaming out "it's not too late" G […]

Lie A Little More Chords – Max Milner V3

Standard Tunning – EADGBe Capo on 3rd 032033 – Cadd9 320033 – G 200233 – Dadd4 022033 – Em7 Cadd9 G Every time I loose the plot in your house, Dadd4 Em7 I wish I never opened my mouth, I die a little, Cadd9 G And now a days when your saying my name Dadd4 […]

Bird And A Bear I Am The Bird Chords – Loch Lomond

Bird and the Bear (I am the Bird) Loch Lomond (I personally love this song, and couldn't find chords for it anywhere.) Strum down once on each chord for the first two lines of each stanza The strumming pattern for the rest is D DUDUDU D DUDUDU D… Regular tuning. D G I never learned […]

Sound Of A Million Dreams Chords – David Nail

"Sound of a Million Dreams" by David Nail This is my first song, so hopefully I did okay! =) I love this song, and the meaning behind it, and I hope you do too! Standard Tuning Capo IV Intro: F G Am C F Verse 1: F G Seger was singing words I could believe […]

Above And Below Chords – The Bravery

The Bravery – Above and Below Great Song. Good Luck ­čÖé F Gm/G F Sometimes I feel like I wanna leave this place for good Bb Under the ground, I'll live down there without a sound Cm Eb F And never hear these hissing voices all the same Cm Eb I'll disappear 'cause living makes […]

Crush Chords – David Archuleta V12

CRUSH IN CM ┬ľ DAVID ARCHULETTA CAPO 3 This was done by Pick Chick but he/she had some of the chords mixed up. I have rearranged them by ear. INTRO: Am C F G x2 Am C I hung up the phone tonight F G Am Something happened for the first time deep inside C […]

Remembering Sunday Acoustic Chords – All Time Low

Well this is my first tab so don't be too cruel. This was pretty easy for me to learn so I hope it is for everyone else as well. Capo on the 2nd fret! Strumming pattern: Down, down, up, down, up (repeat) Intro e|–0–0–0–0–| B|–0–0–3–2–| D|–0–0–0–0–| G|–2–2–2–2–| A|–3–2–3–0–| E|–x–x–x┬Ś-x–| Woke up from dreaming And put […]

Without Running Away Chords – Jason Gray

C I've spent some days looking for a length of rope Am And a place to hang it from the end of my hope F C But where I thought hope had ended I always find a little bit more C It┬ĺs not like I'm trying to be optimistic Am If the truth be told […]

Half The World Away Acoustic Chords – Oasis V4

Capo 2nd fret. Strumming pattern all the way through= down,down,up,up,down,up Intro: 2X Cmaj and Fmaj7 Verse 1: Cmaj Fmaj7 Cmaj Fmaj7 I would like to leave this city this old town don't smell to pretty Cmaj C/G Am D Fmaj7 And I can feel the warning signs running around my mind Cmaj Fmaj7 Cmaj Fmaj7 […]

Lex Land – As Much As You Lead chords V3

Capo on 4! Hope you enjoy. Em D Well I always get my hopes up a palms length too high Em D With every step I get closer I'm still stuck one step behind A Em G Yeah But we're just too good at never getting our timing right Em G A So for right […]

Silver Soul Chords – Beach House V3

Great song by a really good band. I originally figured this song out with my guitar tuned a half step on and my capo on the 3rd fret. You can just leave it in standard tuning and put the capo on the 4th fret. Tabbed by: JustinS03 Remember the Capo 4th fret. Intro: F – […]

Lines Chords – Branches

Bm D G Em I built a home there in the trees Bm D With splintered hands A Em And bruised and bloodied knees Bm D One day your voice came riding on the breeze: G Em "Ooh, ooh. Bm D A You don't have to be alone, you don't have to be alone, Em […]

She Beats All I Ever Dreamed Chords – Colby Yates

She Beats All I Ever Dreamed – Colby Yates Intro: G C G C G C One look and you could see I aint no big deal G C Just a common, average, ordinary guy G C My truck is all beat up and barely running G C I can┬ĺt explain just how I caught […]

Three Sides To Every Story Chords – The Time Jumpers

Three Sides to Every Story http://thetimejumpers.com/wired/ Capo On 3rd Fret C F G It's shaping up to be a real bad day C F G G7 Oh, it's over and there's nothing left to say F G Oh I know you think it's my fault C F And I'll put the blame on youth F […]

El Gavilan The Hawk Chords – Kris Kristofferson

El Gavilan (The Hawk) Kris Kristofferson Beautiful song, also covered by Richie Havens. CAPO II INTRO: D D/F# D/A G D A7 D G You gotta make your own rules, child D You gotta break your own chains A7 The dream that possess you could blossom and bless you D Or run you insane G […]