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City Of Stars chords by Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone

[Verse 1] Gm7           C7                        Dm7 City of stars, are you shining just for me? Gm7          C7                            Fmaj7 City of stars, there’s so […]

Voices chords – Ryan Adams

SONG: VOICES ARTIST: RYAN ADAMS TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM VOICES RYAN ADAMS INTRO: Dbm Dbm A Dbm A VERSE: Dbm You come through the door Ab Like a bag of rocks B Gb Wounded all the time D I'm inside the room F With the t.v. on mute C Screaming Elijah G Elijah […]

Beyond Those Gates chords – Ryan Hudak

Artist – Ryan Hudak Album Name – United Album Year – 2016 Email – rhudak82 Capo [2] Intro – A F#m Bm D A Verse A E God of all thee earth, you have come F#m Your righteousness is revealed to us D Your love pours out A E Your faithful love never fails Your […]

Swg Sweet Wholesome Gal chords – Ryan Higa

capo 5! These chords are played throughout the song! : F C Am G F C She covered up nice, with her skirt long Am G J.C. Penny’s shoes, got them J’s on F C If you my girl, you know what i’d do Am G show a bunch a kindness, and respect you. F […]

The Door chords – Ryan Adams

Brilliant 'new' song that may appear on 'Blackhole', as played on the European dates of his 2014 tour – not a tab from any studio recording, as none are (currently) publicly available! Fairly confident the E in the verse is an Em7. Also hard to be sure from the live recordings if the D in […]

Ryan Mcadams – Let It Pour chords

Let it Pour Verse is choppy Chorus is connected Am you lied to me C you stuck with me G you played me D you let me believe Am that everything C was going G my way D Now i'm stuck in the Am C G D Rain Am C G D Let it Pour […]

Love Immeasurable chords – Ryan Long

Capo 2 D Bm Love immeasurable, love divine, G A Love unlocked this prison mine G D/F# G Bm Love who paid for all my crime G A D Wrap my heart in Thine G A D I had built a life on shifting sand Bm G Bounding down the brink, You grabbed my hand […]

Start Living It chords – Ryan Sorestad

This is played with standard tuning but in the recording it is played a half step down. I think it sounds really great a half step down, that's how I play it. This is one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard, enjoy. Intro – F – C – C – Am — F […]

Bullet chords – Ryan Star

"Bullet" Standard tuning Intro: Asus4 , Bm , G , G x3 [Verse 1:] A Bm G G Asus4 This is the first time I could see living here Bm G G Asus4 To many sleepless nights without you Bm G G Asus4 And as the wind is speaking for the trees Bm G G […]

Bluebird Tabs by Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham live at ACL 2011 Drop D tuning Listen for the timing Intro & verse e|———————————————–| B|———————————————–| G|———————————————–| D|–2p0————4p0—-2p0——————–| A|–x———5—–0——0—–4p0— 0——–| D|–2p0—0– 0——————0——0——–| Listen for the timing 2nd Guitar Intro and verse e|—————-9——-7———————| B|—————–10————10————-| G|————–7——-7—9p7—————–| D|————7——-9————————-| A|———————————————-| D|———————————————-| Both guitars continue above for for three lines of verse My bluebird, my blue bird can […]

Ryan Madani – Her Song Tabs

e|————————————————————————————-| B|————————————————————————————-| G|————————————————————————————-| D|—4—4—5—4—0—6—6—4—6—7—12—12—11—12—7—9—9—7—9—7-| A|–0—0—0—0—0—4—4—4—4—4—0—-0—-0—0—-0—-7—7—7—7—7–| D|-0—0—0—0—0—4—4—4—4—4—0—-0—-0—0—-0—7—-7—7—7—7—|

Same Love intro Tabs by Macklemore And Ryan Lewis V2

e-6—6——————–| B—8——-4—4–7/8—–| G——-8—–5————| D-8———5————–| A————————–| E————————–| e-6—6——————–| B—8——-4—4———-| G——-8—–5————| D-8———5——–2—–| A————————–| E————————–|

Holding Nothing Back chords – Ryan Stevenson V2

Holding Nothing Back Ryan Stevenson Note: This contains many updates to the previous revision. tab by dewsterdude Eb Ab/Eb Eb Ab /Eb) ( Intro: 1-2-3-4 | 1-2-3-4 | 1-2-3-4 | 1-2-3-4 ) Eb Gm Behind this curtain there is a heart that's hurtin', Cm Ab It's been, Takin' a beating, It's starting to fall apart […]

Holding Nothing Back chords – Ryan Stevenson V3

Artist: Ryan Stevenson Song: Holding nothing Back I cut a bit off the end, partly to shorten the song but mostly because I just didn't feel like doing the rest. These chords are as close as I could get by ear! It's by no means perfect but playable.. hope y'all enjoy -Brad Capo on the […]

Same Love chords – Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

Song: Same Love Artist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Hi guys, first upload, hope this sounds okay, message me and give me some feed back if you think it doesnt sound right or anything but hopefully you think it gets your approval:) Chords: G —3— —2— —0— —0— —3— —3— Em —0— —2— —2— —0— —3— […]

The Dreamer chords – Ryan Sheridan V2

Artist: Ryan Sherdian Song title: The Dreamer No Capo C# (x46654) E (022100) F# (244322) C# E F# C# C# I got a hole in my pocket, E I just can't keep it in F# Sick and tired of the situation I'm in C# And I'm sick of the bills that are weighing me down. […]

Hearts At War – Ryan Ben Obay chords

Hi, this is my first tab, all comments welcome! Artist: Hearts at War FB: https://www.facebook.com/HeartsAtWar YT: http://www.youtube.com/user/DookiefiedOfficial Song: Ryan Ben O'Bay From album "Brainspin" (2014) !!! HALF-STEP DOWN TUNING !!! Verse: D Little Ryan Ben O´Bay G Hangin´ in the mall all day D A Not much of an output in this shitty little dirty […]

Light In The Dark chords – Ryan Spendlove

Title – Light in the Dark Artist – Ryan Spendlove – Georg Savolainen Ryan plays a Gadd11 chord after playing C, you can use that or regular Gmaj EADGBE Gadd11 x2001x Intro C Gadd11 Am F G C G C G C G Am you can lead me away pretty lady F G C G […]

Thrift Shop chords – Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

I listened to the background music and heard a repeating (kind of bass) line going AAAAAAAA|CCCCCCCC|DDDDDDDD|EEEEGGGG, and hence makes the chords (lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/macklemore/thriftshop.html) Chords: A C D E G Standard Tuning/No Capo You can just strum down 8 times for A, C and D, then 4 times for E and G (following the bass line) […]

What Sin Replaces Love chords – Ryan Adams

This song pretty much revolves around a simple two chord structure, the first being a Em – Dsus2 – Em and the chorus is G to F# . Definitely listen to the song because they really lay on the texture. This version is based on the 8-03-2007 Red Rocks show, found here: https://archive.org/details/radams2007-08-03.aud.flac16 Em Dsus2 […]