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Times Worth Living The Tension chords – Pat The Bunny Schneeweis

 I did my best to transcribe lyrics there was one part I couldn't make out
   B F# G#m E 
its too late for me my friends, 
   B F# G#m E 
once i gave refuge to the notion, even for a moment,
     B F# G#m E 
there was no turning back to comfort again,
       B F# G#m E 
only a lifetime of defeats, more or less spectacular, so,
        B F# 
ill march on to your court dates,
       C#m E 
ill gather court dates of my own,
          B F# 
ill miss the ones in prisons,
       C#m E 
and the ones who never made it there,

The rest of the song is B F# G#m E

the ones who said onward comrades to our death,
with ruin on their breath, the weight of centuries on their tongues,
(something) failed manifestos in their guns,
as if defeat repeated often could someday mean we had won,
our historys a vacant lot, littered with empty bank accounts, 
sobbing parents, broken bones,
glorious songs, and lengthy prison terms,
a handful of moments that were truly our own
in between desperate gasping for air worth breathing, and times worth living