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Shape Of You chords by Ed Sheeran

[INTRO] Bm Em G A x2 [VERSE] Bm                       Em                           G             A The club isn’t the best place to find a lover so the bar is […]

American Beauty American Psycho chords – Fall Out Boy

[Chorus] D She's an American beauty D I'm an American psycho A She's an American beauty A I'm an American A I'm an American N.C (A) D (A) D American Psycho- A I'm an American A I'm an American A I'm, I'm, I'm an American psycho [Verse 1] D Em I think I fell in […]

Permanent Marker chords – Taylor Swift V3

This is Taylor Swift's 'Permanent Marker' I noticed other people's versions were wrong so I made my own. These chords are pretty much correct! Chords: G 300033 Cadd9 x30033 Em7 x20033 Asus4 x02230 D xx0232 Dsus4 xx0233 ………….. Guitar Riff (rundown) ———–3———————-0———–3–3—————| ———–3———————-3———–2–2—————| ———–0———————-2———–3–3—————| ———–0———————-2———–0–0—————| —————–3—-2—–0————————————| ——3———————————————————-| This riff can be played for the (cadd9/Em7/Asus4)parts. […]

Dont Let Them See You Cry chords – Manchester Orchestra V3

——————————————————————————- DON'T LET THEM SEE YOU CRY – Manchester Orchestra ——————————————————————————- | * Hammer-on Tuning: Eb (Standard) Capo = 1st Fret Strumming Pattern – Play Root Then Strum C C/B Am * Don't let them see you cry C/B C C/B Am * When the dam breaks down and the city is covered in water […]

39 21 40 Shape chords – Showmen

Often mistitled as 39-21-46. The epitome of Carolina beach music Rick in Macon C Am F G7 C Am F You are so beautiful, G7 C Am F you're such a sight to see, G7 C Am F G7 you're the girl for me. C Am F G7 C Am F You set my soul […]

Shape Of My Heart Live chords – Backstreet Boys

Intro: Dsus – D – Dsus – D – D – A – G Hmm..yeah..yeah… Verse 1: Dsus – D Dsus D A G Baby please try to forgive me Dsus – D Dsus – D A G Stay here don't put out the glow Bridge 1: Dsus D Dsus D Hold me now, don't […]

Shape Of My Heart chords – Sting V4

The other versions I found on here were either wrong, not complete or overly complicated. So I decided to post this straightforward version for the intermediate player. Enjoy! — Fejwin Shape of my heart – Sting Gm Cm He deals the cards as a meditation Gm Cm And those he plays never suspect D# Bb […]

Faithfully solo Tabs by Journey

Mostly Water – Laurence Fox Saw Mr Fox play this live in Scotland and it was fucking amazing. Capo on 7 for album version. Little melody part for the intro (Capo 7) sounds really nice picking if you add in the C chord bass notes, then the Em chord bass notes when it changes. Or […]

Love Alone Chords – Katelyn Tarver V4

Hey guys! I saw a live performance of this, and decided to it on UltimateGuitar. So, if there are any mistakes, please comment below! ~KB Capo 2 Intro: G D Em Cmaj7 (or A G shape that starts on the A string) Verse: G D Em Cmaj7 ( Or A G shape that starts on […]

Circles Chords – Pentimento

Pentimento Cicles Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Watch the music video here Key: C Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C – x32010 G – 320003 Am – x02210 F – 133211 Dm – xx0231 C/E – 032xxx E/G# – 476xxx G/B – x2x003 Intro: Am — C/E – Am — C/E (hold) x2 Verse 1: Am I'm […]

Belief Chords – Gavin Degraw V5

played by himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IvHA9q6JpM Verse 1 B B/Bb Belief makes things real G#m E Makes things feel, feel alright B B/Bb Belief makes things true G#m E Things like you, you and I Chorus C#m E Tonight, you arrested my mind B E E/D# When you came to my defense C#m E With a knife […]

Your Hands Chords – Jj Heller V8

Tabbed by: wvccsanta Standard Tuning Song: Your Hands Artist: JJ Heller Album: Painted Red C I have unanswered prayers G C I have trouble I wish wasn't there C And I have asked a thousand ways G C That You would take my pain away G C That You would take my pain away C […]

Autumn Tree Chords – Milo Greene

There might be some mistakes, but there are no chords for this great song, so I did my best to decipher it 😉 hope you'll enjoy. i didn't know the proper names for C/D and G/D so i ust named them like that CAPO on 4th fret C/D (030010) D (xx0232) Em (022000) Em7 (020000) […]

Highway Kind Chords – Townes Van Zandt V2

—————————————————————————– HIGHWAY KIND – Townes Van Zandt —————————————————————————– Tabbed by: Miller Tuning: Standard Intro: Em Em9 C D Em Em Em9 C D Em My days they are the highway kind, they only come to leave. D Em C D Em The leaving I don't mind, it's the coming that I crave. D Em D […]

Little Aches And Pains Chords – Paul Kelly

Song Title: Little Aches and Pains Artist: Paul Kelly One of my favorite Paul Kelly songs. Can't believe it has not been tab-ed out yet:) Note:Not sure if these are the right chord names,but they absolutely work 🙂 Chords used: C#sus : x44200 E : 022100 Esus : x77600 Ebsus : x66400 G#sus : xx6650 […]

Pilot Me Tabs by Josh Garrels

Go ahead and email me with any questions: jonyoyoman@gmail.com Capo: None This is the Charango piece that he plays, but on the guitar. This repeats throughout the entire song. |–12—12—–12—12—–12—12—–11—11—–9—9—–9—9—–9—9——11—11——| |—–9—-9——9—-9——9—-9——7—-7—–5—5—–5—5—–5—5——-7—-7—-| |————9———–9———–9———–8———6———6———6————8–| |———————————————————————————————-| |———————————————————————————————-| |———————————————————————————————-| Here's the second guitar part. Verse: E B A I will arise and follow You over B E B A […]

Sexy Plexi Tabs by Jack Johnson V2

——————————————————————————- Sexy Plexi – Jack Johnson ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Teagan Mago E-mail: TeaganMago@gmail.com I'm not 100% sure about about the solo, but I'm sure about the rest of the song. This took a long time so please show me some love. 🙂 Tips: The "x" indicates a guitar slap/muted note. I generally slap my thumb […]

Demons Tabs by Imagine Dragons V4

Demons by Imagine Dragons Fingerstyle Capo 1st Fret Standard Tuning X= slap technique intro: D shape /= slide Chords: D, B#, A , G whole song Link to the fingerstyle cover- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdtYAlQfjYM goodluck! D = 000232 B# = 244232 A = 0022200 G = 320033 My first tab! with help from a friend "Katka" please […]

We Shall Sail Tabs by Gogol Bordello

——————————————————————————- We Shall Sail – Gogol Bordello ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Henry Morgensen E-mail: Tuning: Standard Intro: C D# e|——————————————| B|—–1–1——1–1——1–1——4–4—| G|—–0–0——0–0——0–0——0–0—| D|—–2–2——2–2——2–2——5–5—| x2 A|–3–3–3——3–3—3–3–3—6–6–6—| E|—–3–3—3–3–3——3–3————-| (The song goes back and forth between that alternating bass note thing and occasionally just strumming. Best thing to do is to listen to it to hear when to do […]

Boobies Chords – Nice Peter V2

Nice Peter – Boobies Quite a nice song! Solo not included. Chords used: Dm , Dm/C , C , Bb , Gm , C7 , F , F * F*: I don't know how the chord is called but it's combined with notes from an A- chord, but i can't seem to get it right. […]