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I Remember chords – Mocca

Chord I remember C Dm C Dm I remember…The way you glanced at me, yes I remember C Dm C C7 I remember…When we caught a shooting star, yes I remember #chorus : F Em I remember.. All the things that we shared Dm G C – C7 and the promise we made, just you […]

Earth Meets Water chords – Rigby

Rigby – Earth meets water (Strandsessie Concert @ Sea) Jaws77 E – x-7-9-9-0-0 E/B – 7-x-9-9-0-0 E/C# – 9-x-9-9-0-0 E/A – x-0-9-9-0-0 F#m – 2-4-4-2-0-0 A – 5-7-7-0-0-0 B – 7-9-9-8-0-0 D – 10-12-12-11-0-0 1e octaaf – x-6-x-9-0-0 2e octaaf – x-7-x-8-0-0 3e octaaf – x-9-x-11-0-0 E/G# – 4-0-2-4-5-0 B/D# – x-6-9-8-0-0 Verse 1: E […]

Weekend Song chords – Billy Joel

Weekend Song Billy Joel |——–|———| |–9-9-9-|–9h11-9-| |89——|89——-| x3 |——–|———| |——–|———| |——–|———| |——–|———|———| |–9-9-9-|–9——|———| |89——|89-79-57-|5——–| |——–|———|———| |——–|———|———| |——–|———|———| (C major chord played rhythmically beneath lead guitar for intro) F It's back-breakin', bone-shakin', belly-achin', hard-workin' C Two more hours to go Bb Yes, it's keepin' me alive, doin' nine to five G C And I ain't got […]

Well Ok Honey chords – Jenny O

This is a very simple way to play this song. I hope you enjoy! D7 You are my lover and I do like you But what's the limit, tell me what to do G G7 I'm not your kind D7 And you're not mine D7 Oh sugar I'm too young for you Not like my […]

Worried Shoes chords – Karen O

F Fmaj7 Dm Dm Bb C F F Fmaj7 Dm Dm I took my lucky break and I broke it in two Bb C Put on my worried shoes F My worried shoes F Fmaj7 Dm Dm Took me so many miles and they never wore out Bb C My worried shoes F My worried […]

My New Dress Up Shoes chords – The Smith Street Band

Hey guys, Another SSB one here, an oldie requested by /u/annieisgreat. I hadn't actually heard this one so thanks for the recommendation! Just a few notes on this one: Tuning: Standard Intro: Wil does a picking variation of the chords listed, as long as your hand is playing the right chord it'll sound good no […]

New Shoes chords – Travis

Note to ultimate-guitar : I just submitted a version of this song which was a bit off, so here's the correct version. Please do not publish the other one 🙂 : twister Another amazing song off Travis' last record "Where You Stand" (if you haven't bought it yet run to your local CD store and […]

Little Thing Mean A Lot chords – Little Shoes Big Voice

—————————————————————————– LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT – LITTLE SHOES BIG VOICE —————————————————————————– : Spongefinger Standard Tuning. Capo on 9th. D Em Blow me a kiss from across the room G D Say i look nice when i'm not. D Em Play with my hair as you pass by my chair G Em D Little things […]

Christmas Shoes chords – Fm Static

I noticed there were only TABs for this song so I put it into chords to make it easier to play (Well, sorrta) Verse One G D It was almost Christmas time, G C There I stood in another line G A Trying to buy the last gift or two, G D Not really in […]

Its Not Enough Chords – Dustin Kensrue

Intro A F#m A Though all the wealth of men was mine to squander F#m And towers of ivory rose beneath my feet F#m A Were palaces of pleasure mine to wander E The sum of it would leave me incomplete F#m A Though every soul would hold my name in honor F#m And truest […]

Anywhere But Here Acoustic Chords – Aaron Lewis V2

It's half step down tuning The tab is based on this video – youtu.be/08wyz4ApRk4 I dont know the correct names for the chords so I decided to tab them out: G C Em D D2 eb |-3–3–3—2–3–| Bb |-3–3–3—3–3–| Gb |-0–0–0—2–2–| Db |-0–x–2—0–0–| Ab |-x–3–2——x–| Eb |-3————2–| Into: G– C– Em- D- C– G C […]

Comeback Story Chords – Kings Of Leon

Comeback Story – Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull Ginge Sound really nice played gently on an acoustic. Play with the picking pattern until you work it out. 2nd Fret Capo Intro G / / / ¦ G/F# / / / ¦ G / / / ¦ G/F# / / / ¦ C7+9 / / / […]

Clown Chords – 77 Bombay Street

CLOWN Intro: Dm Dm A# It's not that I like you I don't even know you F A I'm just there to make you smile to keep you happy for a while Dm A# I stand on a trap door that's what you pay for F A and my shoes are twice your size rainbow […]

Im Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket Acoustic Chords – Pierce The Veil

Standard Tuning(EADGBE) Capo on 2nd Am G C G F Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong Am G C F Dry but the taste of blood remains (of blood remains) Am G C G F Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars Am G C F My, how they start to look the […]

Do Me A Favour Acoustic Chords – Arctic Monkeys

F#m F#m Well the morning was complete. F#m There was tears on the steering wheel dripping on the seat, F#m Several hours or several weeks, F#m I'd have the cheek to say they're equally as bleak! F#m C#m C#m * Bm * Am * x4 / F#m C#m Bm x4 F#m C#m Bm It's the […]

Smile A Little Smile For Me Chords – Flying Machine V3

There are other versions of this song posted here, but I believe this one is the most correct. C Am F G You really should accept, this time he's gone for good C Am F G He'll never come back now, even though he said he would Am Am7 So darling dry your eyes, so […]

The Len Ganley Stance Chords – Half Man Half Biscuit

C G , C G C G Everybody's doing the Len Ganley Stance C G Everybody's doing the Len Ganley Stance C G Everybody's doing the Len Ganley Stance C G Everybody's doing the Len Ganley Stance C G Everybody's doing the Len Ganley Stance C G Everybody's doing the Len Ganley Stance C G […]

Lover You Shouldve Come Over Chords – Jeff Buckley V3

Jeff Buckley – Lover you should have come over Dsus2 D Dsus2 D Looking out the door D Dsus2 D C Em9 Em Em7 Em I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners D Dsus2 Parading in a wake of sad relations D Dsus2 C Em9 Em Em7 Em As their shoes fill up […]

Whyd You Only Call Me When Youre High Acoustic Chords – Arctic Monkeys V2

Hi! First of all this is the first song I upload. I just found an acoustic version of this great song and I didn't found the chords here right. The version is this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37plHek6fq8 Hope you enjoy! Em C Am The mirror's image tells me it's home time Em C Am But I'm not […]

Shirt Of Blue Chords – The Men They Couldnt Hang

Fantastic song by TMTCH. Couldn't find the chords for this so I thought I'd have a go at it myself. I am aware that this is only a rough outline for the song,it is there to be improved on Intro D A D A D Hey now Tommy have you got a new shirt G […]