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Sound Of Silence chords – Disturbed

Here is Disturbed's version of the timeless classic from Simon & Garfunkel from the new album "Immortalized" F#m E Hello darkness, my old friend, F#m I've come to talk with you again, D A Because a vision softly creeping, D A Left it's seeds while I was sleeping, D A And the vision that was […]

Wall Of Silence chords – Chris De Burgh

Chris de Burgh – Wall of Silence From the Eastern Wind (1980) Comment for any corrections and please rate Intro: Bm G Bm Hollywood is such a dream, G And when you're only seventeen, it's wonderful, Bm A movie man said she could be a star, G A beauty queen, or a cover girl, A […]

Gravel Interlude Tabs by Mixtapes

Mixtapes Gravel (Interlude) Ordinary Silence E———————————|-3~ B———————————|-3~ G—–0——-0——-0——-0—|-0~ D—0—0—0—0—0——-0—0-|— A-2——-3——-0—————|— E———————–3———|— we used to ride our bikes through that old subdivision when it wasn't yet built we would waste our days now it's all built up and the houses look the same but honestly i think that's ok and if the rain comes down i […]

In The Silence chords – Asgeir

In The silence Ásgeir Vincent Castonguay D D Come, take my hand D Let's undo the knots of the past Em Bm From the night where phantoms toss and turn, G D Bm A go further, deeper as the day is closing D D Soft and fragile D There is grace in the dead of […]

Beautiful Nightmare chords – Skylar Grey

Intro: F#m , D , A , E Verse 1 F#m I can't let go D I'm addicted to your torture A I'm a prisoner to the pain E Although you're gone all the misery remains F#m I did my best D Everyday just keeping busy A To avoid the ghost of you E But […]

Pillow Of Your Bones chords – Chris Cornell

——————————————————————————- Pillow of Your Bones – Chris Cornell ——————————————————————————- : Jones Perry Intro riff by jjhand Intro Riff (play 2x): e|———————-|————————–| B|———————-|————————–| G|-5–5p3—–3—3-5-3-|————5————-| D|-5–5—5—4—4____-|-3h4p3———4–3——-| A|-3–3____—3—3____-|——6–3———–6–3-| E|———————-|————————–| Cm G# G F# F The embers of the saint inside of you Cm G# G F# F Are growing as I'm bathing in your glow Cm G# G […]

Elevator Days Acoustic Tabs by Mixtapes

Mixtapes Elevator Days (Acoustic) Ordinary Silence Based on: Guitar 1: Ryan Rockwell Intro: E-4-7-9—-4-7-9—–| B——-7——–7-5-| G——————–| D——————–| A——(4x)———-| E——————–| Verse: E A B A 2X Pre-Chorus: E——————————-| B——————————-| G-8-9-8-9-6-8-6-8-4-6-4-6-2-4-2-| D——————————-| A——————————-| E——————————-| And other nights where I had… A B E E 2X Cause recklessly… A C# E Chorus: E A B A 2X Post-Chorus: […]

Tough Luck chords – Nina Nesbitt

This may be completely incorrect but it's a start so Capo4 Intro D Em D Em e|——-2——-5—–2—0—–2——-5—–2—0–| B|—-3——-3—–3——0—-3——-3—–3—-0–| G|–2——2——2——–0–2——2——2——0–| D|————————-2———————–2–| A|————————-2———————–2–| E|————————-0———————–0–| Em G She puts her pen to paper Em G Lines across their hearts Em G You did it all to erase her Em G You left her standing in the dark Em […]

Cloud Factory chords – Sonata Arctica

CLOUD FACTORY – Sonata Arctica Acoustic version by sinForge xJp Standard Tuning (EADGBe) This is NOT based on an acoustic performance/recording!! Recommended hord positions V E R S E & C H O R U S | K E Y C H A N G E e|–4——–2-7—2—0—4–|–3—1-6—4—1—1—6———| B|–4——–4-7—2—0—5–|–4—3-6—4—1—1—8—5—–| G|–4—6—-4-8—3—1—6–|–5—3-7—5—1—2—8—7—–| D|–6—8—-4-9—4—2—6–|–5—3-8—6—3—3—8—8—–| A|–6—9—-2-9—4—2—4–|–3—1-8—6—3—3—6—5—–| E|–4—6——7—2—0——|——6—–4—1—1————-| G#m F#/A# B […]

The Epilogue chords – Crosses

Artist: Crosses Title: The Epilogue Crosses : Nick Tuning: Standard [Intro] F#m , D , A F#m , D , A [Verse] F#m D It's a strange day A The roses are in bloom F#m D But in a strange way A I know somehow we're doomed [Pre-Chorus] Bm I Look around, through the town […]

All For What chords – A Broken Silence

Intro: Abm – Abm – E – F# – Abm – B – E – F# – Abm – Abm – VERSE 1 Abm He wasnt born to privilege, but he was born to scrimmage, E F# Realised to this world, there was more than image. Knew to succeed, you must ignore your critics. Loved […]

Enjoy The Silence Tabs by Easyworld

Enjoy the Silence (cover) Verse 1 Cmin Words like violence Ebmin Break the silence G# Come crashing in Into my little world Cmin Painful to me Ebmin Pierce right through me G# Can't you understand Oh my little girl Chorus Fmin All I ever wanted G# All I ever needed Cmin Bb Is here in […]

Eyes Sewn Shut Tabs by Suicide Silence V3

Tuning: AEADGB . = Palm mute b = bend AH= artificial harmonic Intro: B|——————————————————|- G|——————————————————|– D|——————————————————|— A|——————————————————|—-x4 E|-333333——————333333——-444444———-|— A|——-2-1-0-2-1-0-2-1-0——–2-1-0——–2-1-0—-|– . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0:13 B|——————————————————|- G|——————————————————|– D|——————————————————|— A|——————————————————|—- E|————————————-222233336666—–|— A|-6-5-3-6-5-3-5-3-2-5-3-2-6-5-3-6-5-3——————|– . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

In The Silence chords – Praise And Worship

————————————————————————- In the Silence ————————————————————————- *************************************************************** * "markchordz" 6 Years in the road(UG) * * Thanks for supporting my tabs here in Ultimate-guitar.com * *************************************************************** ************************************************************************** *Read first: Pls Rate, leave some comments and be sure that your * * guitar "tune" well before playing this song.. * * * * All Rights Reserved © […]

Social Silence Tabs by Washya

—————————————————————————– Social Silence – Washya —————————————————————————– Tuning: Drop B (BF#BEG#C#) Intro B|————————————| F#|———————————–| B|————————————| E|————————————| G#|——–5b*————–7b*——-| C#|-00-000—–0h3p0-00-000—–0h3p0-|x3 Part 2 B|—————————————-| F#|—————————————| B|—————————————-| E|———–3333—————5555——| G#|-55556666——1111/55556666——3333-| C#|———————————-3333-|x3 PM ******** **** **** ******** **** **** Verses B|————-| |—————| F#|————| |—————| B|————-| |—————| E|——–7/10-| |—————| G#|-5-5/6-5/8–| |-5-6-8-3-5-6-1-| C#|-5-5/6——|x3 |-5-6-8-3-5-6-1-| PM * * * * * Chorus B|———————————————————–| F#|———————————————————-| B|———————————————————–| […]

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence chords – Public Domain

LET ALL MORTAL FLESH KEEP SILENCE Real Key (F) Guitar: Capo 5 Am G Am Gm F Esus E Let all mortal flesh keep silence, And with fear and trembling stand; F Am G Am Gm F Esus E Ponder nothing earthly minded, For with blessing in His hand, A Dm Am G F Dm […]

Rooftops Chords – Mest

Mest Rooftops Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBE Chords used: E – 022100 B – x24442 C#m – x46654 A – x02220 F#m – 244222 G#m – 466444 B/Eb – x698xx Intro: E – F#m – G#m – A – x2 Verse 1: E Staring at the broke street light Some of those […]

Aces Up Chords – Mxpx

MXPX Aces Up Plans Within Plans 2012 Fat Wreck Chords Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: F#, G# Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used F# – 244322 C# – x46664 Ebm – x68876 B – x24442 G#m – 466444 Bbm – x13321 G# – 466544 Eb – x68886 Intro: F# – C# – B – F# – C# […]

Something Beautiful Tabs by Newsboys V4

Song: Something Beautiful Album: Go Artist: Newsboys Tuning: EADGBe(standard) Each dash mark indicates one beat. At the end of the last 1, repeat to the first 3. Repeat this six times. Then go down to the chorus, where chords are used. First verse: I wanna start it over, I wanna start again I want a […]

Face To Face Chords – Divided By Friday

Divided by Friday Face to Face From "Prove It" – 2011 Chords by blackoctober119 Intro: D – Bm – G Bm – A Verse: D You've been on my mind Bm So I said I'd find some time to let you know G I finally found it so Bm A Here goes nothing. D Bm […]