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Slow Education chords – Silver Jews V2

Adapted from The Corduroy Suit, originally Neil Allen Slow Education: G C G When God was young He made the wind and the sun G C G And since then It's been a slow education D C G And you got that one idea again. The one about dying G D C Oh, oh, oh […]

Silver Bill chords – Mat Kerekes V2

Pretty sure this is 100 percent correct. The strumming pattern is very simple and easy to figure out. Enjoy! Capo 3rd Fret C : x32010 C/G : 320010 Fmaj/C :x33210 Am : x02210 Em : 022000 Intro: C C/G C C C/G C I could tell you were planning to stay. C C/G Fmaj/C I […]

Silver Garden chords – The Everybodyfields

The Everybodyfields – Silver Garden Capo 2 F C G There’s a part of you Deep inside of me Not the part that hides Not the part that hates You've loved me for years I won't ask you again If there's nobody else I won't ask you again Chorus C G F And I'll go […]

Silver Hands chords – Alameda

Sam de Brunner Tuning: Standard Capo: 1 Chords relative to capo In the intro a couple of hammer ons on the high e string when playing the Dm chord sound great. On the final C of each verse pull your finger off the third fret if the 2nd, A string after a strum or two. […]

Silver And Gold chords – Johnny Marks

Silver and Gold Johnny Marks (c) 1964 From the 1964 NBC/Rankin-Bass TV Production Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer C Am Dm G7 Silver and gold, silver and gold C Am Dm G7 Ev'ryone wishes for silver and gold C Em Am How do you measure its worth? Dm G Just by the pleasure it gives here […]

Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine chords – Norah Jones

"Foreverly" this is the version of Norah Jones and BJ Armstrong of this great classic. enjoy! F# F# In a vine covered shack in the mountains C#7 Bravely fighting the battle of time F# B Is a dear one who's weathered life's sorrows F# C#7 F# It's that silvered haired daddy of mine F# F# […]

Silver Bells chords – Misc Christmas V5

G City sidewalks, busy sidewalks C Dressed in holiday style D D7 G In the air, there's a feeling of Christmas G Children laughing, people passing C Meeting smile after smile D D7 G And on every street corner you'll hear G C Silver bells, silver bells D D7 G It's Christmas time in the […]