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Love Someone piano chords by Lukas Graham

[Verse] C Em There are days Am I wake up and I pinch myself G F You’re with me, not someone else C Em And I am scared, yeah, I’m so scared Am G F That it’s all a dream [Pre-Chorus] F G Am G F ‘Cause you still look perfect as days go by […]

Love Someone chords by Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham – Love Someone Tabbed by Mathias Vestergaard [Intro] C Em Am G F [Verse] C Em There are days Am I wake up and I pinch myself G F You’re with me, not someone else C Em And I am scared, yeah, I’m so scared Am G F That it’s all a dream […]

Someone Like You guitar chords by Adele

[Intro] A A/G# Gbm D [Verse] A A/G# I heard that you’re settled down F#m That you found a girl D And you’re married now A A/G# I heard that your dreams came true F#m Guess she gave you things D I didn’t give to you A A/G# Old friend why are you so shy […]

Someone To Give My Love To chords – Glen Campbell

Someone to give my love to Glen Campbell Intro E D Verse 1 E D A Well, I could search from now to the end of the time E Never find another you D A Well I'm so glad because that I know you're mine E Someone to give my love to Verse 2 D […]

Someone Elses Problem chords – Five Iron Frenzy

I'm not going to lie, this was really difficult to figure out (Sonny played a lot of chords not in the song's key, Bb Major). This is my best attempt that I checked multiple times agains the song itself–enjoy track #5 of EOMP! Intro: Cm F Ab Cm F (slide out) Verse 1: Cm You're […]

Something Someone Jr chords – The Growlers

The Growlers – Something Someone Jr. song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_PxKJM0tmQ INTRO (MAIN RIFF) Em e|————————–|\ B|———-8–8-7-8—–8–| 3x G|—-7–9————9—–|/ D|-9————————| A|————————–| E|————————–| Bm e|———————–| B|———————–| G|-9–9–7—————| D|———–9-9–7–9—| A|———————–| E|———————–| Em G \ 3x Aah Aaah / Bm G Aah Aaah Em Aah VERSE 1 (play main riff throughout) Em I just squinted and my eye is weak I […]

Just As Long As That Someone Is You chords – Mickey Newbury

Just as Long as That Someone Is You F Am Bb Gm I want someone I can talk to when I'm blue C F C Someone to love me and be true F F7 Bb Bbm Someone to love it makes no difference who F C F Bb Just as long as that someone is […]

Someone New chords – Banks

Notes: (1)Picking pattern varies throughout the song. (2)Chords are picked twice unless specified Intro A F#m C#m E (2x) [Verse 1:] A F#m C#m E I can love you desperately, though your love ain't guaranteed Oh, I wish you knew the deal Gotta learn from far away and I simply needed space, space for me […]

If You Love Someone chords – The Veronicas

If you love someone ā€“ The Veronicas Capo 2 C G Em D C G Em D If you love someone If you love someone [Verse 1] C G Wake up in the morning, take a breath and let it out Em D Just forget tomorrow's ever gonna come around C G Em Everybody's medicated, […]

Someone chords – Basia Bulat

In brief: Em Em C C (x2 intro, x4 verse) G D Am C (x4 chorus) In detail: Em Em C C Em Em C C Em When the summer wind races Em C Through my thoughts C Em Where there was a cross Em C On the mountain bearing on us C Em Oh […]

Youre No One Til Someone Lets You Down chords – John Mayer V2

Artist: John Mayer Paradise Valley Song: You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down Standard Tuning (NO CAPO) —————————————————————————— Intro: C F C F No, I've not seen you this way before G7 C G Standin' a mess at my door C Well, it took you so long C7 F But you finally found C […]

Someone New chords – Hozier

Lovely song by a new Irish artist. The tab should be fairly bang on until the Bridge 2 where both the chords and lyrics are probably wrong so let me know if you find the right ones! Listen to the rhythm in video. Bm and D are played as a quick change between G and […]

Someone chords – Electric Nana

Also, you can play with these chords: F C Bb Dm Gm F Csus2 Bbsus2 Csus2 I want to talk to you with the sound of my voice F Csus2 Bbsus2 Csus2 I want to melt all the space between us away F And be the air around your neck Csus2 Fall in love once […]

A Certain Someone Tabs by Sundays

A Certain Someone by the Sundays Riff 1: (4 times) E———————–| B———————–| G———11————| D—————-12—–| A——11—————| E———————–| Riff 2: "live your life, have your say . . ." E—————————————————————————| B—————————————————————————| G—————————————————————————| D———————–6——————————6——————–| A—-5h7-7-7–5h7p5—–7–0-5-5-5–7-7—5h7p5—–7—–0—4h5p4h5——-| E—————————————————————————| E—————————————————————————| B—————————————————————————| G—————————————————————————| D———————-6—–6h7—————6——6———————| A—0-5-5-7–5h7p5——7——7–0-5h7-7—–7———7——————-| E—————————————————————————| repeat, w/ variation "and I said oh no, no!" E—————–0———–| B—–0—–0—–0———–| G—-12—–7—–9———–| D—-12—–7—–9———–| A—-10—–5—–7———–| E—–0—–0—–0———–| (Riff […]

Someone chords – Zelle

F F/E I heard that you're settled down Dm That you found a pup A# And you're married now F F/E I heard that your dreams came true Dm Guess he gave you things A# I didn't give to you F F/E Old friend why are you so shy Dm It ain't like you to […]