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Land Of Snow And Sorrow intro Tabs – Wintersun Vsion 1

——————————————————————————- Land of Snow and Sorrow – Wintersun ——————————————————————————- : Kakku Tuning: EADGBE (Normal) All the way till first verse. h = Hammer on p = Pull off / = slide (x) = To play or not to play.. ~ = Awesome e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|-1–1-3-3—–1-1-3-4-4—-1–4-6-6—-1-1-6-8-8—————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|-1–1-3-3—–1-1-3-4-4—-1–4-6-6—-1-1-8-9-9—————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| […]

My Names Sorrow chords – Good Old War

e|—–|————————–| B|-1p0-|-3——————1-0—| G|—–|——0—0—–0–2—-2-| D|—–|————–4———–| A|—–|————————–| E|—–|————————–| G Em Follow me back like a ride on a train Am D Make it hard to remember the cold G Em Take care of your money and stay out of the rain Am D Your bones could give out when you're old G Em I get more of […]

Across The Universe chords – Beatles V11

Across The Universe The Beatles Key: C Original key is D but I play it in this key because it fits my range slightly better. Each line is 2 bars, so the lines that stop halfway or a quarter represent when there are extra bars Intro: C Em . . . . . . . […]

Divine Sorrow chords – Avicii

Wyclef Jean and Avicii – Divine Sorrow (RED) Standard Tuning – E A D G B E No Capo C G Am F C G Dearie blossom, Am F I've gone down to old rock bottom C G Am F C Now I know the love in my heart was true! G Divine sorrow, Am […]

Lucca chords – Jaymay

C D You should know I could never hold your photo G C it trembled in my hand and I had to let it go Am D And the people came and the people went G C And the cards and the flowers and the food was sent Am I saw your mom D I […]

Jonatha Eng – Myling Lullaby chords

From the OST to the PC version of the Simogo game Year Walk. http://www.loudr.fm/release/myling-lullaby/tUB5x Should be finger picked. — Chorus 1 Dm Am Sleep now, my child Dm Am The day is almost done Dm , Am , Dm , Am Dm Am Sleep now, my child Dm Am There goes the sinking sun — […]

Knock Knock Whos There chords – Mary Hopkin

Knock, Knock, Whos there. (By Mary Hopkin and Liv Maessen) Intro. F#m/A / D/A F#m A Tears of rain run down my window pane D I'm on my own again, believe me, sorrow F# Bm Sit and dream of how things might have been Em A And as I close my eyes, I get the […]

Miss Canonball – The Almighty Dollar chords

Repeat: Em | D . Throughout the hiphop part he plays the inversion of Em with the root on the fourth fret of the G-string; the inversion is played as an open Dm chord without the fourth string, that's the shape of the inversion of Em which he plays. Lyrics Em D I'm never gonna […]

Good For You chords – Hothouse Flowers

GOOD FOR YOU – HOTHOUSE FLOWERS (Intro: F , G , Am , G , F , C , F , C , F , C ) C Em F I've spent my life watching sky and sea change colour C Em F hypnotised by the beauty of it all G Am G F And […]

Captain Im Fine And I Thank You For Everything Tabs by Right Away Great Captain V3

——————————————————————————- CAPTAIN, I'M FINE AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING – Right Away, Great Captain! ——————————————————————————- | / Slide up Verse e|———————————————————| B|———————————————————| G|———————————————————| D|————-0—–0—–0————–0—–0—–0—-| x4 (extra open one A|————–0—–0—–0————–0—–0—–0—| on end) D|-/12-11-7-5—-55—–5——-/9-7-5-0—-00—–0——-| Chorus |—————————————————–| |—————————————————–| |—————————————————–| |——0—–0——-0—–0—–0—–0—–0—–0–| x2 |——-0—–0——-0—–0—–0—–0—–0—–0-| |-0h2—–2—–2/5—–5—–0—–0—–0—–0—–| Verse 2 – Same as Verse – x4 Chorus – x1 Outro. |———————–|————–| |———————–|————–| |———————–|————–| […]

Sorry chords – Jonas Brothers V8

Dm A# C Am A# Gm C Dm A# Broken hearts and last goodbyes C Am Restless nights but lullabies A# Gm C Help to make this pain go away Dm A# I realize I let you down C Am Told you that I'd be around A# Gm C I'm bulding up the strength just […]

The Old Sorrow Tabs by Dsis

Intro part 1: D|——————————| A|——————————| F|——————————| C|0—————————–| (Let it slowly build up) G|0——–(Let it ring)——–| C|0—————————–| Intro part 2: D|———————-| A|———————-| F|———————-| C|1-3-3–1-3–1-3-3-6-3-| X8 G|1-3-3–1-3–1-3-3-6-3-| C|1-3-3–1-3–1-3-3-6-3-| Verse riff 1: (Play this twice) D|———————-| D|———————-| A|———————-| A|———————-| F|———————-| F|———————-| C|———————-| X3 C|———————-| G|———————-| G|——————–5b| C|0-0–0-0-0-0–0-0—–| C|0-0–0-0-0-0–0-0—–| PM. . . . . . . . PM. . […]

A Reason Tabs by The Sorrow

——————————————————————————- A Reason – The Sorrow ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Dropped C / C G C F A D : Maxi Niessl themaexmon@gmx.de (ask me something if you have questions about my tabs) Intro: Matze: D|————-|————|————|————| A|————-|————|————|————| F|————-|————|————|————|———————\ C|-3———–|7———–|2———–|5———–| \ G|-3———–|7———–|2———–|5———–| \ C|-3———–|7———–|2———–|5———–| \ \ x2 Andi: / PM PM PM PM PM PM / D|————————————————————————| / […]

Lost Chapters Tabs by The Sorrow

——————————————————————————- Lost Chapters – The Sorrow ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Dropped Bb/A# Bb F Bb Eb G C : Maxi Niessl themaexmon@gmx.de (ask me something if you have questions about my tabs) Intro: Matze (add slightly grunge): LET RING – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

Retracing Memories Tabs by The Sorrow

——————————————————————————- Retracing Memories – The Sorrow ——————————————————————————- Tuning: Dropped Db/C# Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb / C# G# C# F# A# D# Tempo: ca. 70 BPM : Maxi Niessl themaexmon@gmx.de (ask me if you have questions :P) Enjoy 🙂 Intro: Matze: 4/4 Eb|—————– —————– | Bb|—————– —————– | Gb|—————– x2 —————– x2 | Db|—————– […]

Sorrow chords – Flyleaf V4

(I tried putting the chord above the lyrics to where I transition. I feel a little iffy about using F (bare this chord I think it sounds better) in the chorus so if you think it needs to be out that is your preference) Lead in- ( Dm / C/Bb / C ) Bb Sometimes […]

Define Love Chords – Christine Natalia

Bb C Grace has come upon me Bb C you save us from misery Dm C though the world is full of sins Bb C regret is the last thing you see Bb C your mercy lord has given me Bb C a freedom for eternity Bb C this is my thanks for you lord […]

Losing You Chords – Dream Evil

Didn't find any chords to this song so I decided to tab it myself, hope you like it! Intro: Am G Am G Am G F Am G In the dead of the night Am G As the candles die out Am G F I'm watching her going to sleep Am G She has to […]

Leviathan Chords – Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan "Leviathan" Blues Funeral tabbed by: smcclure09@yahoo.com standard tuning Intro: e—————-| B—————-| G—————-| D-\7—5—3—2-| A—————-| E—————-| D C G Bb After the deadlock and dazzle D C G Bb As good as, or better than gold D C G Bb I lay down my guns on the table D C G Bb First scarlet […]

Walk Along Cattle Drives Chords – Jesse Woods

Jesse Woods ~ Walk Along Cattle Drives (Get Your Burden's Lifted) (2013) *Just listen for the Rhythm. Intro: C , Dm , G , C , Dm , G , C A Loose ends all around, Never Gonna get me down Dm G Always got tomorrow, finish what we started C You can getta PomPom, […]