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When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down chords – Doyle Lawson

G When my labor here is over at last and I lay these burdens down D7 G A7 D7 I'll sail away home to Heaven above for my Savior I have found G I'll lay these burdens down at His feet and exchange them for a crown D7 G I'll leave this world of trouble […]

Sure As The Sun chords – Glen Campbell

Sure As The Sun Glen Campbell Album Jesus And Me the Collection Intro Eb Ab Bb Eb Fm Eb Fm Verse 1 Eb Fm I'm not always available to shine my light Ab Eb I ain't always happy, things ain't always right Fm But the LORD never said this ole world was my home Ab […]

Dont Let The Sun Steal You Away chords – Bears Den V2

Don't Let the Sun Steal You Away By Bear's Den Capo 6 standard tuning Intro Am C G Am F Am G Verse Am C The bird's start their screaming G Am As you let go of my hand F Am Old words lose all meaning G F G As morning descends Am C Fickle […]

Sun Shy chords – Dresses V3

I'm pretty much a beginner but this is as close as i could play it. I know its not exact. This is my first ever submission. Capo on the 2nd fret The whole song is basically F and C from my perspective [Intro] F C F C I'm a little sun shy when the sun […]

Close To The Sun chords – Guano Apes

Capo 1 [Verse 1] Am G F Dm We were glowing like a flame Am G F Dm Under cover night and day [Bridge] Am You took me up so high G It felt like a paradise Dm F Breathing you and breathing you out Am We fell like shooting stars G Like we were […]

To See The Sun chords – Turtles

SONG: TO SEE THE SUN ARTIST: THE TURTLES VIDEO: https://youtu.be/4mugz8sjCDs TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM TO SEE THE SUN THE TURTLES INTRO: Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am E —-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0– B —-1—-1—-1—-1—-1—-1—-1—-1– G —-2–2——2–2——2–2——2–2—- D –2——–2———2———2———- A —————————————— E —————————————— Ooooooohhh Ooooooohhh Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am […]

Black Sun chords – Death Cab For Cutie V2

Death Cab For Cutie – Black Sun Capo 7th Intro Em | D | Am | ||x2 —————–|—————-|—————–|—————–| —————–|—————-|—————–|—————–| —————–|—————-|—————–|—————–| -2—2—2—2—|0—0—0—0—|—————–|-7—7—7—7—| —2—2—2—2-|–2—2—2—2-|-0—0—0—0—|—0—0—0—0-| —————–|—————-|—3—3—3—3-|—————–| Verse 1 Em D Am There is whisky in the water and there is death upon the vine Em D There is fear in the eyes of your father Am Em* (A)-7-7-7-5– […]

The Sun Ii chords – Snakadaktal

The Sun II – Snakadaktal [intro and verse] e|—————-| B|-8-7-5—8-7-12-| G|—————-| D|—————-| A|-7-5-3—7-5-10-| x2 E|—————-| C G x2 [verse 1] C G Touch my mouth, Help me sleep C G Embrace my lungs, Your breath I keep C G Share your warmth, Knock our teeth C G My shoulder blade, You lay your cheek C […]

Awakening chords – Empire Of The Sun

Song: Awakening by Empire of the Sun : yaoifangirl CAPO ON 1ST FRET Am Em Is there a part of me that's part of you? F Am If I shed a tear, baby do you bleed? Am Em Is there a heart in me that's close to you? F Am Is there a path to […]

Burning In The Sun chords – Blue Merle V2

Burning In The Sun Blue Merle Verse: G D W-ell I had a g-irl Am7 G Am she was the best around D And I was in l-ove, Am7 G Am now I-'m just hangin ou-t Chorus: D And I'm burning in the sun Am7 Losing my mind G Am Hearts break in the summer […]

I Will Be Here chords – Steven Curtis Chapman V6

I Will Be Here Steven Curtis Chapman Intro: D G/D D Dmaj7 G/D Verse 1: D A/C# Bm A G D/F# Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the sun does not appear Em Asus D Dmaj7 G/D I, I will be here D A/C# Bm A G D/F# If in the dark, we lose […]

Wildflowers chords – Dolly Parton

Wildflowers G C G The hills were alive with wild flowers and I D7 G Was as wild even wilder than they C G For at least I could run they just died in the sun D7 G And I refused to just wither in place C G Just a wild mountain rose needing freedom […]

Heartless Empire chords – Broken Bells

G# F# G# F# G# F# G# And what you found was gold, as black as dried blood F# G# F# E The taste was oh so sweet, well one loves to love F# E The whole idea seems unfit to rule, F# G# But it's always that way G# F# G# F# G# So […]

Future Starts Slow chords – The Kills

The Kills – Future Starts Slow By Ollietherocker I worked this out on standard tuning for those of you who (quite rightly) are too afraid to venture into the depths of drop B tuning fearing that your guitar may never recover. Please note this isn't transposed into standard, its still the same notes as if […]

This Night Wont Last Forever chords – Sawyer Brown

This Night Wont Last Forever – Sawyer Brown Capo 3 to match recording Em Bm Everybody likes a celebration C G Em Happy music and conversation Am D G A B I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the blues Em Bm In the corner there's a couple dancing C G Bm From […]

Break Away Speed chords – Kim Richey

——————————————————————————- BREAKAWAY SPEED – Kim Richey ——————————————————————————- : rdcoons gnr123 Tuning: Half-Step Down Intro: A [Verse 1] A D A She could've made a river, but she had to make rain D A Once it started falling, it was never the same E D A Forty days running, forty nights long E D A E Water kept on coming till the valleys were gone… gone [Chorus] D A E She said it's alright, took me where she left me A E F#m Turned around, went away, breakaway speed D A E Never looked back, said she won't forget me A E F#m Turned around, went away, breakaway speed D A Breakaway speed […]

Goodness Gracious chords – Ellie Goulding V2

Title:: Goodness Gracious Artist: Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days Year: 2013 Chords used: G : 320033 A : x02220 Em : 022000 D : xx0232 F#m : 244222 Bm : 113321 Standard tuning Capo: 2nd fret [1st verse] D A G I lost a signal and put you away D Bm F#m G D Swore upon […]

Drunk On A Tuesday chords – Right Side Of The Tree

Dsus E I got outta class F#m Dsus Ended up in my friend's dorm room Dsus E "when'd you drink last?" F#m Dsus Can't remember cause the time's not soon Dsus E Had a 40 on me F#m Dsus And two dollars just to get me by Dsus E Hit the gas station, scene F#m […]

Sleepwalking chords – Painted Palms

Great Song! Thank You Painted Palms!!! Intro: C# , A#m , F# , G# (2x) Verse: C# A#m F# G# I can´t hear you what you sayin, but I don´t need to know C# A#m F# G# I can´t focus, yeah I know but I´m wrapped up in the glow F# G# F# G# Before […]

Jesus In The Southern Sky Tabs by Closer 2 Closure

e|–0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0———–| B|–0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0———–| G|–9—-9—-6—-4—-2—-4—-9———–| D|–9—-9—-6—-4—-2—-4—-9———–| A|–7—-6—-4—-2—-0—-0—-0———–| E|–0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0———–| e|–0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0———–| B|–0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0———–| G|–9—-9—-6—-4—-2—-4—-2———–| D|–9—-9—-6—-4—-2—-4—-2———–| A|–7—-6—-4—-2—-0—-0—-0———–| E|–0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0———–| Jesus I can see you in southern sky When the clouds part and the sun is shinning through Jesus still you feel me when our worlds collide And if I have nothing at least I still have you Jesus do you feel me […]