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Sunlight intro Tabs by Anathema

Anathema – "Sunlight" (Intro only) Tuning: 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb, or D# G# C# F# A# D#) Tempo ~ 80bmp Key Signature: Ab Major/F minor Time Signature: 4/4 |———————————|———————————| |—————0—————2-|—————0—————2-| |—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–|—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–| |—–0—0—0—0—0—0—0—|—–0—0—0—0—0—0—0—| |———————————|———————————| |-2——————————-|-2——————————-| |———————————|—————0—————–| |—————0—————2-|——————————-2-| |—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–|—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–| |—–2—2—2—2—2—2—2—|-2—2—2—2—2—2—2—2—| |———————————|———————————| |-0——————————-|———————————| |———————————|—————0—————–| |—————0—————2-|——————————-2-| |—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–|—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–| |—–0—0—0—0—0—0—0—|-0—0—0—0—0—0—0—0—| |———————————|———————————| |-2——————————-|———————————| |———————————|—————0—————–| |—————0—————2-|——————————-2-| |—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–|—2—2—2——-2—2—2—–| |—–2—2—2—2—2—2—2—|-2—2—2—2—2—2—2—2—| […]

Violet Hour chords – The Clientele

Intro on B B7sus4 terraces that climb like vines towards the moon the five a sides the evening inter-city lights I see your face each time I close my eyes B7sus4 E B7 * Jude I told you yesterday that I know nothing all my friends are loaded & they smile B7sus4 E B7 * […]

Ordinary Love chords – U2 V4

U2 – Ordinary Love Hi this should be the version played by U2 in a tv show. You can also play it with a capo on 4th freet with these chords: (Am-Em-Am-D) I hope you will appreciate it 😉 Luca Intro : C#m G#m B F# (x3) INTRO TAB C#m G#m B F# e——————-|——————|———————|——————————| B———-5—-5—|——-4——4—|———-4——4—|———2——-2————| […]

Stronger chords – Sugababes V2

STRONGER – Sugababes Intro: Asus2 Fmaj7 Fmaj7 I make it through the rainy days Am Am I'll be the one who stands it longer than the rest Fmaj7 When my landscape changes, arranges Fmaj7 I'll be stronger than I've ever been Am No more stillness, more sunlight Am Everything's gonna be alright Dm7 E F […]

Sunlight Hits The Snow chords – I Am Kloot

From Kloot's debut album 'Natural History'. This is one of the most beautiful songs – ever!!! Standard tuning, capo 2 Riff1 E 7—————|———-7-7-6-|5—————|———-5-5-6-| B 9—————|———-9-9-8-|7—————|———-7-7-8-| G 8—————|———-8-8-7-|6—————|———-6-6-7-| D 9—————|———-9-9-8-|7—————|———-7-7-8-| A 7—————|———-7-7-6-|5—————|———-5-5-6-| E 0—————|————–X-|X—————|———-X-X-X-| Chords ====== Emaj7 079897 Ebmaj7 x68786 Dmaj7 x57675 Amaj7 x02120 D7 x57575 Dbm7 x46454 Intro ===== Riff1 x 2 Verse 1 ======= […]

Cosmic Vibrations Chords – Foxygen

Same chords for most of the song. when they play it acoustic rado plays Em-Emadd9 back and forth. And I typed out the lyrics myself so hopefully they are somewhat accurate. Em D A I don't know, can't decide Should I widow, should I take a life? I don't know, whose in my mind Haven't […]

Falling Apart At The Seams Chords – Marmalade

Falling Apart At The Seams:Marmalade. #9 in UK, #34 AC, and #49 on BB Hot 100 on ARIOLA Records in 1976. INTRO: A D E .. A F#m Bm E .. A F#m D CHORUS: D E A F#m C#m Un..til you came, it felt like my world was fallin' C#m C Bm apart at […]

Ballad Chords – Molly Drake

Molly Drake- http://www.squirrelthing.com/artists/molly-drake This is a half step down from the album version, because the day i figured it out youtube was being weird and playing a half step down. maybe someday i will change it. Figured out on a piano. if you can see the strong and wearied starlight Eb G# Bb riding on […]

End Of The Night Chords – Smith Westerns

Intro C C G Am G C C G Am G C Em A# Am Dm G Dm G Verse C C G Am G We had fun C C G Am G Didn't know what time it was oh C Em A# Am Dm G Clo-o-ose your eyes, oh woah girl Dm G Don't […]

New Constellation Chords – Toad The Wet Sprocket

New Constellation (Kickstarter Bonus Version) Toad The Wet Sprocket (From the CD New Constellation to be released Oct 2013) | D | D | G2 | G2 | D | D | G2 | G2 | D | G2 | G2 | Hey what's that thing I can't remember D | G2 | G2 | […]

Love Like This Acoustic Chords – Kodaline V2

(Capo 4) Standard Tuning CHORDS USED: C , F , Am , Dm , G VERSE 1 C F Running through the heat heart beat Am You shine like silver in the sunlight F C You light up my cold heart F C F It feels right in the sun C Am We're runnin round […]

We Are Spoons Chords – Sam Hart V2

Song by Sam Hart Original tab by dflynn Fixed by Sebastian Stromberg *fixed the filler D and the pre-chorus Capo 5 Listen to Sam's version to get the time right on the hammer-on C G Am Em D D * (Hammer on to the G on the high E ) e|-3–3——3—2–3–| B|-3–3–1—3—3–3–| G|-0–0–2—0—2–2–| D|-2–0–2—2———| A|-3–2–0—2———| […]

Brave Chords – Sara Bareilles V5

G You can be amazing G You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug Em You can be the outcast= Em Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love C Or you can start speaking up G Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do G And they settle ‘neath […]

Brave Chords – Sara Bareilles V6

Verse: Bb You can be amazing You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug Gm You can be the outcast Eb Or be the backlash of somebodys lack of love F Or you can start speaking up Bb Nothings gonna hurt you the way that words do When they settle neath your […]

Save The Day Chords – Selena Gomez V2

Hey!! Transfered it all so you can play it with the capo on 3rd fret! Make sure you can play these chords: Bm – A – G – E – Em – D Bm Bm A Kiss the moon goodbye, but don't close your eyes, your eyes Bm A It's the end of the night, […]

First Of The Gang Chords – Zee Avi

CAPO 5TH FRET INTRO G Bm Am D G Em You have never been in love Bm until you've seen the stars D reflect in the reservoirs G Em and you have never been in love Bm until you've seen the dawn rise D behind the Home For The Blind BRIDGE Am Em Bm – […]

Living On A Wire Chords – Nitin Sawhney

dance-alongside-my-grave.tumblr.com 🙂 VERSE Am F C G I recall we were killing time Am F C G Before, that crazy day we were doing fine Am F C G You had turned me around, hold me back when I was down Am F C G But I was in a daze, with both feet off […]

Love Like This Acoustic Chords – Kodaline

The acoustic version of this song is played primarily on piano, so I'm working on a full tab for it. For now this is a basic but accurate set of chords for the song. (the C#m7 should be played 042100 or 042400 rather than the X464544 Am barre) E Running through the heat heart beat […]

Brother Bryan Chords – Waxahatchee

C Am G F I said to you on the night that we met, "I am not well C Am G F Our habits secrete to the sidewalk and street, our civic hell C Am G F We covet the dark, share a cab to the park and you let me C Am Speak of […]

Wings Chords – Birdy V3

Capo 5 🙂 INTRO C Em F C VERSE C C Sunlight comes creeping in, illuminates our skin Em Em We watched the day go by stories of what we did F F It made me think of you it made me think of you C Em F C VERSE C C Under a trillion […]