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From Sunrise To Sunset chords – Machine Men

Gbm E D Gbm E D My last sunrise, no more sunsets for me Gbm E D I can bury my good heart with relief, I'm free Gbm E D I can smile, taste the tear drop from my eye Gbm E D Waiting for the breath of wind to give wings for my soul […]

Give Me Your Name Tabs – Dead By Sunrise

Give Me Your Name – Tab Tuning: Guitar I (Rhythm): Dropped D Guitar II (Heavy Distortion): Dropped D Guitar III (Acoustic): Standard Note I: Some parts of guitar II, especially the end of the solo, were hard to hear clearly because of the heavy distortion. Also, to get the timing right for guitar II's parts, […]

Velvet Mornings chords – Demis Roussos

Capo II D C G D C G La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la G C G Velvet mornings will come every new day G C Am Golden sunrise and the scent of rain […]

We Will Dance chords – Steven Curtis Chapman

We Will Dance – Steven Curtis Chapman Capo 1 Intro: D Gm/A# D Gm/A# D Gm/A# Verse 1: D Gm/A# I've watched the sunrise in your eyes D Gm/A# And I've seen the tears fall like the rain Bm E/G# G You've seen me fight so brave and strong Gm You've held my hand when […]

Island Of The Honest Man chords – Hot Hot Heat

Great song, thanks chordify.net that helped a lot. Enjoy! I was picked up and then dropped off in a B F#m culture counter-clockwise turned around C#m Dug a hole in Southern Carolina, E B F#m took me straight to China safe and sound A E B F#m Donated my map to the lost and found […]

Happiness chords – Sunrise Avenue

Verse 1: D G I’ve been running far away from love A I’ve been trying to rise above D G Thought I’d be cooler with no one A F#m And I thought it would be easy Bm E I thought it’s easy D G There was not a warning sign on you A There was […]

Too Late Acoustic chords – Dead By Sunrise V2

Am C D It's cold and dark I think I'm going insane Am F G The end is coming its true Am C D I'm all alone and I am screaming your name Am F G It seems that's all I can do F G Am C But it's too late to turn back now […]

Lifesaver chords – Sunrise Avenue V6

Sunrise Avenue Lifesaver Capo: 4 DeSemmer "My first Song" http://www.youtube.com/user/desemmer Start: Single Notes on G- und D-String: D = A – D Bm = H – F# G = G – D A = A – E Intro: D (a-d) 8x D ( A ) Bm I G ( A ) D I I find […]

Lifesaver Acoustic Tabs by Sunrise Avenue

Song: Lifesaver Unholy Ground Artist: Sunrise Avenue half-step down tuning! 🙂 Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Bb|-3—3—3—3—-|-3—3—3—3—-|-5—5—5—5—-|-5—5—5—5—-|-1—1—1—1—-| Gb|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–| Db|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Ab|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Bb|-1—1—1—1—-|-3—3—3—3—-|-3—3—3—3—-|-5—5—5—5—-|-5—5—3—3—-| Gb|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–| Db|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Ab|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|-7—7—7—7—-|-7—7—5—5—-|-3—3—3—3—-| Bb|-1—1—1—1—-|-1—1—1—1—-|-8—8—8—8—-|-8—8—7—7—-|-5—5—5—5—-| Gb|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—7—7—7——|—7—7—7—7–|—0—0—0—0–| Db|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Ab|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|-3—3—2—2—-|——————|——————|——-3-2-0——|——————| Bb|-5—5—3—3—-|-1—1—1—1—-|-1—1—1—1—-|-3—3——-0-1–|-1-3————–| Gb|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0—0—0—0–|—0————–|——————| Db|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Ab|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Eb|——————|——————|——————|——————|——————| Bb|-3—3—3—3—-|-3—3—3—3—-|-1—1—1—1—-|-3—3—3—3—-|-1—1—1—1—-| Gb|-0-0—0—0—0–|-0-0—0—0—0–|-0-0—0—0—0–|-0-0—0—0—0–|-0-0—0—0—0–| Db|-0—————-|-0—————-|-2—————-|-0—————-|-2—————-| Ab|——————|——————|-3—————-|——————|-3—————-| Eb|-3—————-|-3—————-|——————|-3—————-|——————| Eb|———2——–|——————|——————|——————|——————| Bb|-3—3—3—3—-|-1—1—1—1—-|-1—1—1—1—-|-3—3—3—3—-|-3—–3-3—3—-| Gb|-0-0—0-2-2—2–|-0-0—0—0—0–|-0-0—0—0—0–|-0-0—0—0—0–|-4—–4-4—4—-| Db|-0——-0——–|-2—————-|-2—————-|-0—————-|-4—

Give Me Your Name Accoustic chords – Dead By Sunrise

Intro: C , Am , Em , G C Give me a smile; give me your name girl. Am Give me a sign to get my way. Em And get what I came for…(you)… G Because you don't come easy. C Give me your hand; come walk with me girl. Am Nothing's that far when […]

Lifesaver Tabs by Sunrise Avenue

Song: Lifesaver Unholy Ground Artist: Sunrise Avenue Capo 1 Intro: E|-1-3-5–1–1-3-5–1–1-3-5–3–1-| B|——-1———1———1–1–| G|———————————| D|———————————| A|———————————| E|———————————| Verse 1: E|——————|——————|——————| B|—–6——-6—-|—–6——-6—-|—–6——-6—-| G|—5—5—5—5–|—5—5—5—5–|—5—5—5—5–| D|——————|——————|-7——-7——–| A|-8——-8——–|-8——-8——–|——————| E|——————|——————|——————| E|——————|——————| B|—–6——-6—-|—–6——-6—-| G|—5—5—5—5–|—5—5—5—5–| D|-8——-8——–|——————| A|——————|-8——-8——–| E|——————|——————| 2x F C Don't you ever tire Dm C Facing all my fires Bb Dm C I don't need no one but you right now […]

Until The Sunrise chords – Timeflies V2

Until the Sunrise Timeflies Drop D Tuning (DADGAE) Capo 2 These are the chords that I play (relative to the capo): A D F#m E G#m e |—-0——-0——-0——-0——-0—-| A |—-0——-0——-0——-0——-0—-| G |—-2——-2——-2——-1——-4—-| D |—-2——-0——-4——-2——-6—-| A |—-0——-0——-0——-0——-X—-| D |—-0——-0——-4——-2——-6—-| Verse 1 A D F#m D It's getting late but I'm not tired A D F#m D […]

Kiss N Run chords – Sunrise Avenue

Song: Kiss 'N' Run Popgasm Artist: Sunrise Avenue Chords are use as powerchords! Intro: D C# E C# (4x) D C# E C# D Feels like the world has let me down D E F# E D Feels as if I'm ready to drown D C# E C# D It's 3 a.m., I lie awake […]

Something Sweet chords – Sunrise Avenue

Song: Something Sweet Artist: Sunrise Avenue Popgasm Intro: E B Dbm A (4x) E B Come to me close to me Dbm A Park here beside me E B Dbm A Come to me leave the rest far behind F# Give me a moment A I need to say something F# Give me a moment […]

Sunrise chords – Our Last Night

Standart tuning. Intro: Em C G D x2 1st Verse: Em C Full of despair G D iside a darkness Em C Self-conscious and scared G D held prisoner of war Em C Running out of air G D buried in the sadness Em C want a way out G D of this paralyzing word […]

Sunrise Tabs by Our Last Night

—————————————————————————- Sunrise Our Last Night —————————————————————————- What a great way to show that Our Last Night can do more than just cover songs. “Sunrise” is a beautiful piece with powerful instrumentals. I hope to see more great songs by Our Last Night in the future. Enjoy! Username: dkm817 (same on X box live) Youtube Cover: […]

6-0 chords – Sunrise Avenue

Intro: C F G (4x) Verse 1 C G F Baby, you are the one Dm C I can feel it inside my bones G F maybe, in the long run Dm C You’ll finally feel it´s so G F you say you don´t know Dm G if you honestly want my love Refrain: C […]

Sunrise Sunset chords – Fiddler On The Roof

Sunrise Sunset – from the musical "Fiddler On The Roof" Am E7 Am E7 Tevye Is this the little girl I carried? Am E7 Am A7 Is this the little boy at play? Dm A7 Dm B B7 E7 Golde I don't remember growing older — When did they? Am E7 Am E7 Tevye When […]

Clear Sunrise Tabs by Washya

—————————————————————————– Clear Sunrise – Washya —————————————————————————– Tuning: Standard (EBGDAE) E|————-1———-3——-| B|—————1———-3—–| G|-7-55-7-99——-2———-4—| D|-7-55-7-99-3——-3–5——-5-| A|-5-33-5-77-3———-5———| E|———–1———-3———|x2 Part 2 (Verses) E|——————————————| B|——————————————| G|-5-5-555-5-4-4-444-4-2-2-222-2–7-777-7-7-| D|-5-5-555-5-4-4-444-4-2-2-222-2–7-777-7-7-| A|-3-3-333-3-2-2-222-2-0-0-000-0-/5-555-5-5-| E|——————————————| PM * * * * * ** * * ** * ** * Chorus E|————————————————————————| B|————————————————————————| G|———————————————————-4-7———–| D|—————————–5-555-5-7——————–4-7—5——-| A|-1-2—–2222222222-1-2——5-555-5-7———2222222222-2-5-7—7-6-2-| E|—–3-1-0000000000—–3/5–3-333-3-5-5-6-5-3-0000000000————-0-| PM ********** * * * * **********

Walk Along Cattle Drives Chords – Jesse Woods

Jesse Woods ~ Walk Along Cattle Drives (Get Your Burden's Lifted) (2013) *Just listen for the Rhythm. Intro: C , Dm , G , C , Dm , G , C A Loose ends all around, Never Gonna get me down Dm G Always got tomorrow, finish what we started C You can getta PomPom, […]