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Hallelujah chords by Jeff Buckley V5

[Intro] C Am C Am [Verse 1] C Am I heard there was a secret chord C Am That David played and it pleased the lord F G C G But you don’t really care for music, do you? C F G Well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth Am F The minor […]

Oh Darling chords – The Beatles V5

Oh Darling! ♫ Lennon/McCartney ♫ E+ A E Oh! Darling please believe me F#m D I'll never do you no harm Bm E7 Believe me when I tell you Bm E7 A D A I'll never do you no harm ———- E A E Oh! Darling if you leave me F#m D I'll never make […]

Blow Me Away Tabs – Breaking Benjamin V5

Song: Blow Me Away Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Artist: Breaking Benjamin Release Date: November 3, 2004 Guitar 1: Rhythm Guitar 2: Lead Intro: Guitar 1 and 2(Guitar 2 with octave generator) D|———————————————————— A|———————————————————— F|———————————————————— C|-0–12-0-12–0–12-0-12–0-10–0–12-0-12–0–12-0-12–7/10- G|-0———–0———–0-10–0———–0———–7/10- C|-0———–0———–0-10–0———–0———–7/10- D|————————————————————— A|————————————————————— F|————————————————————— C|-0-0–12-0-12–0–12-0-12–0-10–0-0–12-0-12–0–12-0-12—— G|-0-0———–0———–0-10–0-0———–0————— C|-0-0———–0———–0-10–0-0———–0———–3-2- Verse: Guitar 1 D|———————————————————— A|———————————————————— F|———————————————————— C|-0———————————————————- G|-0———————————————————- C|-0———————————————————- Guitar 2 D|————————–10————————-17—– […]

Trouble chords – Cage The Elephant V5

C E Am F Verse C E Am F We were at the table, by the window, the view C E Am F Casting shadows, the sun was pushing through C E Am F Spoke a lot of words, I don't know if I spoke the truth Pre Chorus Am (walkdown) F (walkup) Got so […]

Eiffeltornet chords – Ted Gärdestad V5

Jag rekommenderar växelbas typ hela tiden och variera bastonerna för att det ska svänga. Lägger in lite exempel men kom ihåg att dessa spelas ofta bara ett taktslag. Do your thing! Den absolut första delen utav introt på piano (dessa toner spelas samtidigt) är tonerna: Intro: högerhand : d e eb d c vänsterhad: f […]

Dahsyat chords – Mojo V5

(Intro) C C E Aku cinta kamu Am Gm Lebih dari hatiku mampu F E Pasti jiwa takkan bisa Dm G Hidup tanpa hadirnya kamu F Sungguh dahsyatnya G Em Cintaku kepada kamu Am Dm Aku mohon jangan pergi G C Menyiksaku dengan rindu C E Kita dua hati Am Gm Selamanya takkan terpisah F […]

Officially Missing You chords – Tamia V5

[Intro] G F#m B7 Em7 Dm7 G C7 Bm7 Em7 Am D7 [Verse One] G All I hear is raindrops F#m7 Bm7 Falling on the rooftop Em7 Dm7 G Oh baby tell me why'd you have to go C Cause this pain I feel Bm Em7 It wont go away Am D7 And today I'm […]

Superwoman chords – Alicia Keys V5

Intro: Am Ab +( Ab C E with Ab base) C/G Asus/F# (2X) F C (arpeggio) F C C G/B Am C/G Everywhere I'm turning F C/E G/D G Nothing seems complete C G/B Am C/G I stand up and I'm searching F C/E Dm G For the better part of me C G/B Am […]

It Wont Be Long chords – Beatles V5

————————————————————————— It Won’t be Long – The Beatles ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard The Beatles It Won’t be Long (1963) (Lennon/McCartney) From: "With the Beatles" (UK) / “Meet the Beatles” (US) ————————————————————————— CHORDS E-A-D-G-B-e A7-9 x-0-2-3-2-3 or (which I like better): x-1-2-0-2-0 (= A#dim7) D#aug x-6-5-4-4-x D6 x-5-4-4-3-x C#7 x-4-3-4-2-x G6 x-x-5-4-3-0 F#7 x-x-4-3-2-0 Fmaj7 […]

Greensleeves Tabs – Misc Traditional V5

Greensleeves by King Henry VIII U can play it with capo on 4 or without capo, but if u want to sing along with it, i prefer with capo on 4. This is how it goes. Am G Am E |—–|——–0–1–0–|—————–|—————–|—————-| |—–|–1–3———–|–3–0——–0–|–1————–|–0———–0-| |–2–|—————–|——–0–2—–|—–2–2–1–2–|—–1—–2—-| |—–|—————–|—————–|—————–|——–2——-| |—–|–0—–0——–|—————–|–0—–0——–|–2————-| |—–|—————–|–3—–3——–|—————–|——–0——-| Am G Am E Am Am |——–0–1–0–|—————–|——————–|———–|—–0–| |–1–3———–|–3–0——–0–|–1–0————–|———–|–1—–| |—————–|——–0–2—–|——–2–1—–1–|–2—–2–|——–| […]

Rainbow Connection chords – Jason Mraz V5

—————————————————————————————- THE RAINBOW CONNECTION – Jason Mraz —————————————————————————————- D A Asus4 Dmaj7 C#sus2 (I prefer C#m) x_____ ______ ______ x_____ x_____ 5 ╪╪╪╪╪╪ 5 ╪╪╪╪╪╪ 5 ╪╪╪╪╪╪ 5 |╪╪╪╪╪ 4 |╪╪╪╪╪ |||||| |||●|| |||||| |||●|| |||||| ||●●●| |●●||| |●●●|| ||●|●| ||●●|| |||||| |||||| |||||| |||||| |||||| x57775 577655 577755 x57675 x46644 ==INTRO== e——————-| B——————-| G—-6—6——–7-| […]

Something Good Tabs – Alt-J V5

Hey guys, another song by Alt-J "Something Good", I've included parts for Guitar 1(top half) and 2(lower half), giving a fuller sound to this song. Alternatively, you can choose to play parts from Guitar 1 or 2 by combining sections. Enjoy! : Scapeforce http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/scapeforce/ Tuning: Standard EADGBe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Guitar 1] E|——————————2————————————–| B|—-0—0—0—0—0—0—0–3p2p0—-0—0—0—0—0—0–0—0-| G|———————————————————————| D|———————————————————————| x2 […]

Wreckage Tabs – Parkway Drive V5

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WRECKAGE ~ PARKWAY DRIVE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Tuning) B,F#,B,E,G#,C# (Intro) c#|———————–| G#|———————–| E |———————–| B |—–7h8p————–| x4 F#|–0———8—-10—-| B |–0———8—-10—-| c#|———————————–| G#|———————————–| E |———————————–| B |—–7h8p——-7h8p——–8p7—-| x4 F#|–0———8———-10———-| B |–0———8———-10———-| (Chorus) "CHISH" c#|——————————————–| G#|——————————————–| E |——————————————–| B |———3————-3———-3———| x3 F#|–0—5—–5—3—5—–5—5——5——| B |–0————-3————-5————-| c#|——————————————–| G#|——————————————–| E |——————————————–| B |———3————-3——————–| F#|–0—5—–5—3—5—–5—5-0-5-8-7-0—| B |–0————-3————-5-0-5-8-7-0—| (Verse) c#|—————————————————————| G#|—————————————————————| E |—————————————————————| […]

Be Wherever You Are chords – Rebecca Sugar V5

C B7 Isn't this such… a beautiful night?, Em G7 C C7 Whoa, we're underneath the thousand shining stars. F G7 C Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different? D7 F G7 C Whoa, why don't you let yourself just be wherever you are?. Look at this place, B7 Look at your faces. Em […]

Love Bug chords – Jonas Brothers V5

B A E Called her for the first time yesterday B A E Finally found the missing part of me B A E Felt so close but you were far away B A E Left me without anything to say Chorus: E G#m Now I'm speechless, over the edge, I'm just breathless A E I […]

11 Januari chords by Gigi V5

[Intro] C F C F C F Dm G (2x) C/E F Sebelas januari bertemu C/E F Menjalani kisah cinta ini C/E F Naluri berkata engkaulah Dm G Milikku C/E F Bahagia selalu dimiliki C/E F Bertahun menjalani bersamamu C/E F Kunyatakan bahwa engkaulah Dm G Jiwaku Am F Akulah penjagamu Am F Akulah pelindungmu […]

Sweet Little Sixteen chords – Chuck Berry V5

Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry. http://www.songlyrics.com/chuck-berry/sweet-little-sixteen-lyrics/ I have corrected some of the lyrics per www.songlyrics And re-arranged the verses per the youtube video. V1 C G C They're really rockin in Boston, in Pittsburgh, P. A. G C Deep in the heart of Texas and 'round the Frisco Bay. F C All over St. […]

Wires chords – The Neighbourhood V5

Wires The Neighbourhood Standard Tuning (They tune down, but I changed it so you don't have to.) No Capo *In the (live) acoustic version, they do not play the Cm in the verses, they just keep strumming A# so take It off If you would like* [1st Verse:] Gm We talked about making it F […]

Pretender chords – Foo Fighters V5

Am add9: F#m7-5 (when u sing «keep you …»): Fmaj: e|-7——| e|——| e|——–| B|—–10-| B|—10-| B|—–10-| G|—9—-| G|-9—-| G|—9—-| D|—–10-| D|—10-| D|—–10-| A|——–| A|-9—-| A|-8——| E|——–| E|——| E|——–| Am (chorus): F#m7-5 (chorus): F5 (chorus): D (chorus): e|—–| e|—–| e|—–| e|-2—| B|-1—| B|-1—| B|—–| B|—3-| G|—2-| G|—2-| G|—–| G|-2—| D|—2-| D|—2-| D|—3-| D|—–| A|—–| A|—–| A|—3-| […]

The Last Goodbye chords – Billy Boyd V5

Billy Boyd plays this song with Capo on 5th, see movie clip of the song Standard tuning – Capo 5 G I saw the light fade from the sky On the wind I heard a sigh Em C Em C As the snowflakes covered my fallen brothers G C G I will say this last […]