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Everything Now chords by Arcade Fire ver 2

[Video Intro] C C Gm I’m in the black again C Can’t make it back again Gm We can just pretend F We’ll make it home again C From everything now [Instrumental] F C G F C G [Verse 1] F Every inch of sky’s got a star C Every inch of skin’s got a […]

Kung Siya Man chords by Tj Monterde ver 2

[Verse 1] G D/F# nakapili na ba ka? Em7 C9 kung kinsa sa among duha G D/F# ang pilion mong makauban Em7 C9 ug ipaila-ila’s ginikanan [Refrain] Am Bm gihatag ko na ang tanan Am Bm ug ihatag ko pa ang tanan C Dsus D apan~~ [Chorus] G Em7 kung siya man ang mapilian Bm […]

katy perry – I Kissed A Girl Chords Ver 10

Intro: Am – C – Dm – F – M Am – C – Dm – F – M : Am C Dm This was never the way i planned, F M not my intention. Am C Dm i got so brave, drink in hand, F M lost my discretion. Am C It's not what […]