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Comes And Goes In Waves chords – Greg Laswell Vsion 4

2 Guitars at the beginning played together (Just play the first if you are alone…) You can play the Riff until the * and in the end from * as outro Riff: First Guitar e|—–0——-0—|—–1——-1—|—–0——-0—|—————–| H|—1—1—1—1-|—1—1—1—1-|—1—1—1—1-|—–3——-3—| G|-2——-2——-|-2——-2——-|-0——-0——-|—4—4—4—4-| D|—————–|—————–|—————–|-5——-5——-| A|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| E|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| Riff: Second Guitar e|—–3——-3—|—–3——-3—|—–3——-3—|—–3——-3—| H|—5-5-5—5-5-5-|—6-6-6—6-6-6-|—5-5-5—5-5-5-|—3-3-3—3-3-3-| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| D|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| A|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| E|—————–|—————–|—————–|—————–| No Capo Intro: 2x Riff Am […]

Waves chords – The Dear Hunter V3

Key: Eb *You can play this easier by using Capo 3 and transposing these chords down 3 steps. Eb Cm G# x2 Eb Cm I thought that I knew love G# Eb Bb G# But it was just a wave crashing over us Cm Eb And in the breaths between the ones we meant to […]

Best Years chords – Circa Waves

chords – Jonathan Duong Listen to song for timing and strumming patterns. Chords used: G A# D C Bm Am [Intro] Alternate between G and A# G C Stand up straight, let your eyes fixate on a prize at the end of the road D G It's a long way off if you've never been […]

Across The Universe chords – Beatles V11

Across The Universe The Beatles Key: C Original key is D but I play it in this key because it fits my range slightly better. Each line is 2 bars, so the lines that stop halfway or a quarter represent when there are extra bars Intro: C Em . . . . . . . […]

Waves chords – Bahamas

Artist: Bahamas Afie Is Bahamas (2014) Standard tuning w. capo on 3rd fret All chords are relative to capo ***Please read*** The F chord Afie uses is a Fmaj7. In the tab I kept it as a regular F so I could place the chords at the exact timings for the chord changes. Fmaj7 e|–0–| […]

Lifeboat Mona chords – Luke Kelly

[Chorus] [ Am ]Remember December[ G ] fifty-[ Am ]nine The howling wind and the[ G ] driving[ E ] rain Re[ Am ]member the gallant[ G ] men who[ C ] drowned On the[ G ] lifeboat[ Em ] Mona[ E ] was her[ Am ] name The wind it blows and the sea […]

Life Vest chords – The Material

intro A They say the bad things They come in waves of three. If that's the truth then This wave will be the last to crash on me! E# D A E Oh, hold me close my dearest one! D E I fear the worst is yet to come. A E# D E A They […]

Disconnected chords – 5 Seconds Of Summer

this is my first tab, and I tried figuring it out by ear. not sure how accurate it is though. @5_s_o_s NO CAPO TAB THROUGHOUT VERSES: e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|———2———————————2——————————-| D|————4–2–2—–2–4——————4–2–2—–2–4–2———-| A|-5–5–5————-5————5–5–5————–5——————-| E|—————————————————————————| D A Em G Oh oh o-oh oh oh o-oh oh D A Lifes a tangled web Em G of cell phone calls […]

Pillow Of Your Bones chords – Chris Cornell

——————————————————————————- Pillow of Your Bones – Chris Cornell ——————————————————————————- : Jones Perry Intro riff by jjhand Intro Riff (play 2x): e|———————-|————————–| B|———————-|————————–| G|-5–5p3—–3—3-5-3-|————5————-| D|-5–5—5—4—4____-|-3h4p3———4–3——-| A|-3–3____—3—3____-|——6–3———–6–3-| E|———————-|————————–| Cm G# G F# F The embers of the saint inside of you Cm G# G F# F Are growing as I'm bathing in your glow Cm G# G […]

Samuel Mendonca-amazed chords – Misc Your Songs

Amazed Samuel Mendonҫa ——————————– Verse 1 Bm G In the waves of the ocean D F#m In the rays of the sun Bm G In my hopes and my failures D F#m When I'm trying to run Pre-Chorus Bm G D A I will stand, amazed, by You Bm G D A I will stand, […]

Oceans chords – Hillsongs

Oceans – Hillsong Capo 4 Intro: Em G/F G D C (2x) Verse 1 Em G/F G You call me out upon the waters D C The great unknown where feet may fail Em G/F G And there I find you in the mystery D C In oceans deep, my faith will stand Chorus (1x) […]

Get Away chords – Circa Waves

Intro: G Verse 1: C G Oh, my heart is torn up C G And I need these stars To show how D C G I left myself a long time ago C G The blinding light Won't catch me C G feed me lies Till I can't see D Bm C G That I […]

Renee Chords – Laura Stevenson And The Cans

Laura Stevenson & The Cans Off of the album Wheel Standard tuning capo 2nd fret Intro: C F C C C/B Am F C C F C C C/B Renee, make a promise to me Am F Dm F Let your hair grow to your knees G C G Am F And I will not […]

Cosmic Vibrations Chords – Foxygen

Same chords for most of the song. when they play it acoustic rado plays Em-Emadd9 back and forth. And I typed out the lyrics myself so hopefully they are somewhat accurate. Em D A I don't know, can't decide Should I widow, should I take a life? I don't know, whose in my mind Haven't […]

Summer Forever Chords – Megan Nicole V2

Capo: You can play this song with capo on the first fret or no capo. Intro: Cadd9 , G , D , Em7 Cadd9 G Phone rings, you're parked outside D Em7 Hair's up, my chucks are tied Cadd9 You got a place in mind D Em7 But I say let's improvise Cadd9 Oh oh […]

In Every Direction Tabs by Junip

TUNING D A D F# B E NOTE The tuning used by Jose Gonzales is DADF#BE. The same is used here in the tab. The difference is he uses a capo in 3rd (not covering all strings : not a toggle or strap on cap). So if you want to play exactly the same way […]

Say You Love Me Chords – Naturally 7

Hi! Everybody! I give you the chords of this beautiful song played by Naturally 7. This version was played at the Madison Square Garden. If you want to play the original song like the recording at the studio, you must transpose up +1. This is how I play it with my piano. Hope you like […]

Atticus Chords – Noisettes V2

I submitted my own chords before, but I realize that for some, playing with the capo on 7 is odd. So, I bring you another version… Easier. Enjoy. Intro: Em G C D C G D (space out the notes like this is the chorus) C G To kill a mockingbird is to silence the […]

Feet In The Water Chords – Eva And Manu V3

Dm Bb Still I sit here where you left me alone Gm My feet in the water, feet in the water Dm Bb I took the road you did n´t dare to go Gm Rocks on my chest and knees on bruises Dm – Bb – Gm Dm Bb We travel fast, my voice and […]

Believer Chords – Audio Adrenaline

"Believer" by Audio Adrenaline { Sadie} C Em Am F I want to live this live unsafe, unsure, but not afraid C Em What I want is to give all I got somehow Am F Giving up letting go of control right now C Em 'Cause I'm already out here, blind but I can see […]