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Before I Found The Wine chords – Tommy Cash

C F Yesterday I had a future and I was happy G7 C I had your love and the whole wide world was mine F I had money to spend and a woman who called me darling G7 C Yes but that was before I found the wine F C Before I found the wine […]

All Along The Watchtower chords – Jimi Hendrix V3

Intro: ( Bb Cm Bb Ab ) x4 Bb Cm Bb Ab Bb Cm Bb Ab "There must be some kind of way out of here," said the joker to the thief Bb Cm Bb Ab Bb Cm Bb Fm "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief Bb Cm Bb Ab Bb Cm […]

Communion Cups And Someones Coat Tabs – Iron And Wine V6

Tabbed by: § NOSSTROSSOLIS § Revised by: jakemdm Email: aneyer@mica.edu Tuning: E A D G B e Capo on 4th Intro: x 2 e|————————————————3——5——3—————| B|0—–3——–0h1p0——————-3———-3——3——0—–3——-| G|–0h2—-0h2———2p0—–0—-0h2——0——–0——0——0h2—-0h2–| D|————————-0h2—————–0——————————–| A|3——3————————3——–3———————-3——-3—–| E|—————3——————————–3—————————–| e|———————————3———–| B|0h1p0——————-3———–3—–3–| G|——2p0—–0—-0h2——0———-0—–| D|———-0h2—————–0————–| A|—————–3——–3——————| E|3——————————–3———–| Verse 1: e|————————————————3——5——3—————| B|0—–3——–0h1p0——————-3———-3——3——0—–3——-| G|–0h2—-0h2———2p0—–0—-0h2——0——–0——0——0h2—-0h2–| D|————————-0h2—————–0——————————–| A|3——3————————3——–3———————-3——-3—–| E|—————3——————————–3—————————–| Talk of yesterday… e|———————————3————| B|0h1p0——————-3———–3—–3—| G|——2p0—–0—-0h2——0———-0——| D|———-0h2—————–0—————| A|—————–3——–3——————-| E|3——————————–3————| e|————————————————3——5——3—————| B|0—–3——–0h1p0——————-3———-3——3——0—–3——-| G|–0h2—-0h2———2p0—–0—-0h2——0——–0——0——0h2—-0h2–| […]

Slime And Oxygen chords – Black Lips

Intro e—————————| b—————————| g—————————| d—————————| a—2—2—2—2—2—2—| e-0—0—0—0—0—0—–| This basically turns into violent strumming of the E chord Chords: E A D G A D E A D I walked the path of million men G A D I gorge the belly I fight and sin E A D Battles in the Trojan War G A […]

Jon Theis – Aint Been A Day Yet chords

Ain't Been a Day Yet- Jon Theis G C D C G G Ain't been a day yet C And I spent my paycheck D on smoke and wine C G and things that make me feel fine. I aint told my wife yet I bet she'll throw a big fit I can already hear […]

Would You Be Impressed chords – Streetlight Manifesto V3

STROFA Am / E / Am G / Am Dm / Am / E / Am Dm / Am / E / Am FILL x2 Am / E / Dm / Am Dm / Am / E / Am Would you be upset if I told you we were dying? And every cure they gave […]

Whiskey And Wine chords – Tom Beck

Hey Leute, das ist mein aller erster Chord, bitte seht es mir nach wenn irgendetwas nicht stimmt und verbessert es einfach in den Kommentaren. Ich habe übrigens nicht den gesamten Text raushören können, leider nur refrain und bridge, also wenn ihr den rest raushört, ab damit in die Kommentare. Tom Beck Whiskey and Wine Refrain: […]

Fever Dream Tabs by Iron And Wine V5

Fever Dream Iron and Wine Standard Tuning Capo 2nd fret Intro/Verse e|–2——————–2———————–| B|——–0–3——–0———–0–3———–| G|—–0———–0———–0———–0—–| D|–2———–2———–2———–2—–0–| A|———————————————–| E|———————————————–| e|———————————————–| B|–3——–3———–3———–3———–| G|—–0———–0———–0———–0—–| D|——–4———–4———–4———–0–| A|–3———–3———–3———–3——–| E|———————————————–| e|———————–|———————–| B|–1——–3———–|–3——–3———–| G|—–0———–0—–|—–0———–0—–| D|——–2———–2–|——–4———–4–| A|–0———–0——–|–2———–2——–| E|———————–|———————–| e|———————————————–| B|–3——–3———–3———–3———–| G|—–0———–0———–0———–0—–| D|——–5———–5———–5———–0–| A|–3———–3———–3———–3——–| E|———————————————–| x's 2 Chorus: e|———————————————–| B|–1——–3———–1———–3———–| G|—–0———–0———–0———–0—–| D|——–2———–2———–2———–2–| A|–0———–0———–0———–0——–| E|———————————————–| e|–0——————0———————| B|———-3———————3———-| G|—–0/2——–0/2——–0/2——–2\0–| D|–0———-0———-0———-0——-| A|——————————————-| E|——————————————-| x's 3 e|———————————————–| B|–1——–3———–1———–3———–| G|—–0———–0———–0———–0—–| […]

Communion Cups And Someones Coat Tabs by Iron And Wine V4

Open G Tuning DGDGBD Capo on 4th fret Intro/Verses: D|——–0———————————0———5—–7—–5—-| B|–0—————0h1p0————0——————3————–| G|—-0——-0———–2p0—–0—-0——–0———0—–0——| D|——7——-7————-0h2———7——-7——————–| G|–5——-5——-0—————-5——–5——-0——-0——–| D|———————————————————————| D|——–0———————————0———5———–0—-| B|–0—————0h1p0————0——————–3————| G|—-0——-0———–2p0—–0—-0——–0————-0——–| D|——7——-7————-0h2———7——-7——————–| G|–5——-5——-0—————-5——–5——-0—————-| D|———————————————————————| Chorus: D|———————————————————————| B|–0———0—–0———0—–0———0—–0———0——–| G|——0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0——| D|——–2—————4—————5—————5————| G|–2—————4—————5—————5——————| D|———————————————————————| Thats the whole song. The other tabs looked to be pretty accurate, but playing in open G makes it a heck of a lot more manageable.

Red Dust Tabs by Iron And Wine V2

intro and verse e————————————————————-| b————————————————————-| g————————————————————-| d——-3———–3———-3——————————| a-3h5-5—5–3-3-5—–5-3h5-5—5-3-3-5———————-| e—————————————3-1——————-| chorus (This is how it is on the record, but it's pretty open to play around with however you'd like. Make it yours!) e————————————————————-| b————————————————————-| g————————————————————-| d-3–5p3-3-3-3-5p3–2–3p2-2-5-3-2-2-3————————| a-3—————–2——————5———————-| e-1—————–0—————————————–|

Rabbit Will Run chords – Iron And Wine

I play at Capo 4 or 5 Em G Last I saw mother she rose from a chair Am C When they caught me I'd just finished combing my hair Em G Am C 'Cause a rabbit will run, as a colt does along with the mare Em G We've all learned the earth while […]

Bottle Of Wine chords – The Olms

The Olms – Bottle of Wine Standart Tunning Intro: Em Bm Am D G G C Bottle of wine, tear in my eye, a photograph D G In my empty room, sitting on the floor G Bm F E And even though, we don't share our lovin' anymore Am Am/G And now that I can't […]

Sacred Vision chords – Iron And Wine V2

Capo 5 INTRO C Am G C G VERSE 1 C Am There's no way to temper your thirst G C G With lasting impressions or pictures of home C Am There's no way to grow that don't hurt G C G She growled from the station then hung up the phone CHORUS Cmaj9 Am […]

On Your Wings Tabs by Iron And Wine V4

—————————————————————- ON YOUR WINGS – Iron & Wine —————————————————————- : Bowen Jones jonesb93 Tuning: Standard e|——————————————————| B|——————————————————| G|———–10-7-5-7———————————–| D|–5-5-3-0———————————————| A|——————————————————| E|——————————————————| e|————————————————————–| B|————————————————————–| G|——10———10———10———10———————| D|———10———8———-8———-8——————-| A|————————————————————–| E|–8-8——–8-8——–6-6——–6-6————————| Slide part e|——————————————————| B|–6/8————————————————-| G|———5/7——————————————| D|——————————————————| A|——————————————————| E|——————————————————| e|——————————————————| B|————–11\10–10\8–8\6–6/8–8—————-| G|–5/7–7\5———————————-5/7——-| D|——————————————————| A|——————————————————| E|——————————————————| e|————————6—————————–| B|——-6-8–6——-6-8—8-(6)———————–| G|–5/7———-5/7————————————| D|——————————————————| A|——————————————————| E|——————————————————| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide […]

The Wine We Drink chords – Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors

(Capo: 6th fret) Dsus4add9: x 5 4 0 3 0 G C G I have a tendency to laugh at all the wrong moments. C G Sometimes I forget the words to my own song. C Am C I'm not the silent type or an exit sign or a yellow brick road. C Dsus4add9 G […]

Ashes And Wine chords – A Fine Frenzy V2

I tabbed it half step down, and I like it best that way. If you prefer you can play this song with a capon on the first fret and the chords D, Em, G and Bm (click transpose -2). Intro: E F#m A E F#m Don’t know what to do anymore A E I’ve lost […]

Cheap Wine Tabs by Charlie Parr V3

mwirmm Artist: Charlie Parr Song: Cheap wine Tuning: Standard Hi guys, I got the finger picking down from one of the live versions of this song, sounds excellent to me. Put a capo wherever you want if you have one (so you can get the singing right), the live version I tabbed was tuned a […]

Naked As We Came chords – Iron And Wine V3

Intro: D Em x2 D Em She says "Wake up, it's no use pretending" D Em I'll keep stealing, breathing her. D Em Birds are leaving over autumn's ending D Em A One of us will die inside these arms Em A Eyes wide open, Em A Naked as we came Em A One will […]

Grass Widows chords – Iron And Wine

——————————————————————————- Grass Widows – Iron And Wine ——————————————————————————- : nodelynk nodelynk, gmail Tuning: Standard Gm We found each other blown between the trees Cm Waning moons wanting to be swallowed by the sea Eb Dm Gm Like we finally saw the colors of the world Gm We grew the garden snake within the weeds Cm […]

Electric Lady Chords – Janelle Monae

Title track from Janelle Monáe's awesome second album. Basically it's just Bm A Em F#7 repeated all through the song, but I've included the full lyrics below as well with timings for when to swap the chords. Let me know any feedback or thoughts! *********************************************************** Bm A El-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-lec-tric Em F#7 Lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-lay-dy Bm A Ooh, you […]