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Boy Without A Car chords – The Vamps

[Brad:] E Hey pretty face, I wanna tell you something But I'll just wait while you keep me hanging A E On and on and on Your every word E It's 3 AM and we're just sat here talking About your friends but we don't care about A E Them at all, I just wanna […]

Theres No Me Without You chords – Glen Campbell

There's No Me Without You Glen Campbell Intro C# Verse 1 C# C#7 The sun doesn't have to shine C# It doesn't matter what I do F# There's no me C# without you C#7 We never have to be afraid C# Heaven is a place for two F# There's no me C# G# C# F# […]

A World Without You chords – Marty Stuart

G C G There was a time I held you in my arms E7 A7 D7 Life was perfect complete through and through G G7 C Now you're gone and it's shattered all to pieces G D7 C G I'm learning to live in a world without you C D7 C G A world without […]

I Cant Dance Without You chords by Alan Doyle

-Standard Tuning- -No Capo- The chords are played as follows: G: 320033 D: x00232 C: x32033 Verse 1: G D C G There’s a war in every heart There’s a battle for every scar G D C D G There’s a wish for every star I know it’s true G D C D I can’t […]

Without You chords – Blue

Intro: |e| |—————-|—————-|—————-|—————-| |B| |—-3—–3—–|—-3—–3—–|—-3—–3—–|—-3—–3—–| |G| |—————-|2-2—–2—2—|—————-|—————-| |D| |—————-|—————-|—————-|—————-| |A| |—————-|—————-|—————-|—————-| |E| |3-3—–3—3—|—————-|0-0—–0—0—|0-0—–3—3—| This is how the intro is played in the original version and you can keep on playing it for the Vers or you just play | G | D | Em | Em G | for the Intro. Vers: G Sorry if […]

Better Off Without You chords – Summer Camp

CAPO on 3 Intro: F X F F Stop callin' me late at night, C G To talk about what's wrong, F F I don't care anymore, C G You waved that right so long, F F It's so annoying when you whine, C G You were always wasting my time, F F I used […]

World Without End chords – Gregorian Chant

/intro/ A C G A (x2) /verse 1/ A E Jubilato deo A E Omnis terra F C C E Alleluja Alleluja /verse 2/ A E Psalmum dicite A E Nomini ejus F C C E Alleluja Alleluja /ref./ A C In a time, in a place G A Full of joy and full of […]

The Rest You Can Live Without Tabs by Oceanship

Okay this is just the main riff really. I'm not great at learning by ear or tabbing but this is all I've made out of it but hey this could get you somewhere so enjoy. Standard Tuning Capo 4th Fret Numbers are relative to capo positioning e——————————————————————-| B-5—-5–5–3———–3—3–3————3—3–3—————| G————–5-4-2————–5-4-2—————5-4-2–4——| D—————————————5———————-5–7-| A-0———————-5——————-5———————-| E——————————————————————-| e——————————————————————–| 8B-5—-5–5–3———–3—3–3————3—3–3—————| G————–5-4-2————–5-4-2—————5-4-2–4——-| […]

Love Without End chords – George Strait V2

George Strait – Love Without End, Amen Capo 2nd Intro C ———————-|x2 ——-1———-1—| ———————-| —0h2—2—-0h2—0-| -3———-3———| ———————-| Verse 1 C F C I got sent home from school one day with a shiner on my eye G * (fill) Fightin' was against the rules and it didn't matter why F G C F When dad […]

Bud Tucker – Without You chords

Info: This is an original song I wrote back in 1995. Capo the 3rd fret. Finger pick the chords slowly in 4/4 time. Very sad bluesy melody. This is my 1st tab so I apologize if I mess it up. lol 1st Verse. G Another long lonely night, C Is just around the bend. G […]

Without You chords – Lana Del Rey V4

Very simple. No capo. Em D C Em D Everything I want I have C Money, notoriety and rivieras Em D C I even think I found God C In the flash bulbs of your pretty cameras Em D Pretty cameras, pretty cameras C am I glamorous? Baby, am I glamorous… Chorus: G Hello? Hello? […]

Love Without Time chords – Nonoy Zuniga

Love Without Time Nonoy Zuñiga Intro: Am -Fm(+M7)-C(/G)- Fm C (/E)-Am-Dm7-G7(aug) C – Em7 – FM7 -G7(sus) Dm7 (/G) What is time without love? CM7 What is love without time? FM7 What's the highest mountain like G (/F) Em7 Am Without a valley nestled at its feet? Dm7 G7 What's a river without a bend […]

Without Me Tabs by Eminem V7

(/) Slide Up (\) Slide Down (h) Hammer On (p) Pull Off (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato . I thinks this is how it goes. E|—————————————————————————-| B|—————————————————————————-| G|—————————————————————————-| D|—–7–6–4——————–2——————————————-| A|–4———–4——–4–2–4—–4——–4–2–4–2–0——–0———-| E|——————————————————————–4–0h2–| Just repeat through out the song.

Without You chords – Harry Nilsson V5

Harry Nilsson – Without you E No, I can't forget this evening G#m Or your face as you were leaving F#m G# But I guess that's just the way the story goes C#m F# You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows E B B7 Yes, it shows E No, I can't forget […]

Without You Im Nothing chords – Placebo

Bbm7/F : 113121 Intro (listen to the song for pattern): Bbm – Ab – F# – Ab – Bbm – Bbm7/F Bbm Ab F# Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide Ab Bbm – Bbm7/F I'll take it by your side Bbm Ab F# Such imagination seems to help the feeling slide Ab Bbm […]

Without You chords – Harry Nilsson V4

Harry Nilsson – Without you E No, I can't forget this evening Gm Or your face as you were leaving F#m G# But I guess that's just the way the story goes C#m F# You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows E B B7 Yes, it shows E No, I can't forget […]

Without You Tabs by Rent V2

Hi, this is my first tab guide on this site, so if I make any mistakes with the regular layout, you'll have to forgive me. Anyway, being a user of this site for a few years now, I know the majority of you, like myself, don't read these little introductions here and just look straight […]

Ship Without An Anchor chords – Oliver Pinder V2

I went to see Oliver the other night and now LOVE his music. I tried to work out the chords for this one and they sound good against a live recording I have so… Verse & Chorus: F , C , G Middle 8th: Am , F , C , G Verse: You'll come back […]

Get Along Without You Now chords – Ub40

UB40`s 'Get Along Without You Now' was the first U.K Single to be taken off their 2009 'Labour Of Love IV': G =EADGBE C =EADGBE D =EADGBE Bm =EADGBE 355433 x35553 x57775 x24432 Intro: G | C | G | D | G | C | G | G | Chorus 1: G Bm Ah-ha,(Gotta […]

Boy Without Batteries Tabs by Man Overboard

* I'm pretty sure the song's played half a step down in Eb, but it's probably a bit easier to play in Drop D (which I use anyway) so I've tabbed it for that. =========================================================================== RHYTHM GUITAR (1): =========================================================================== Verse: e|—————————————-| B|—————————————-| G|–3~—————-3~——————| D|–3~—5~—3~——3~—5~—33333333–| A|–1~—5~—3~——1~—5~—33333333–| D|——-5~—3~———–5~—33333333–| Chorus: e|—————————|—————————| B|—————————|——————x32-x16–| G|–88888–8-7–x16-x16-x16–|–888888888–8-7—3—5—| D|–88888–8-8—8—5—8—|–888888888–8-8—3—5—| A|–66666–6-5—8—5—8—|–666666666–6-5—1—3—| D|—————8—5—8—|—————————| Post Chorus: […]