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Perfect Ukulele by Ed Sheeran

Capo 1st fret [Verse] G Em I found a love for me C D Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead G Em Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet C D I never knew you were the someone waiting for me [Pre-Chorus] G Cause we were just kids when we fell […]

Thats What I Like Ukulele by Bruno Mars

Capo 1st fret [Intro] Dm G Em Am [Verse 1] Dm I got a condo in Manhattan baby girl, what’s hatnin’? G You and your a** invited so gon’ and get to clappin’ Em So pop it for me a pimp, pop it for me Am Turn around and drop it for a pop drop, […]

Adele – Chasing Pavements

Intro: Cm Gm Cm I’ve xxxx xx xx xxxx, Gm Don’t xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx, G# If xxx xxxxx x xx xxxxx, Gm Don’t xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx, G# This xxxxx xxxx, A# D# Cm Gm x xxxx this xx love xxx, D# If x xxxx xxx xxxxx, Gm I’ll xxxxx xxx xxxxxx, […]

All Signs Point To Lauderdale – A Day To Remember

A# D# I hate this town, it's so washed up Gm A#sus4 And all my friends don't give a **** A# D# They'll tell me that it's just bad luck Gm A#sus4 When will I find where I fit in 2,3,4! A# D# Gm A#sus4 A# D# Remember when I tried Gm A#sus4 I'd never […]

Crazy For You – Adele

Intro: pick around: G Em G Em C C D G Em found myself today singin' out loud your name C D C G you said i'm crazy, if i am i'm crazy for you G Em C sometimes sittin' in the dark wishin' you were here turns me crazy D C G but it's […]

Shooting Star – Air Traffic

Verse Am G F G Pretty, if the sun won't shine Dm C Am G I'll be coming up to meet you, I'll be there to make you mine Am G F G Pretty, if the rain will pour Dm C Am G I'll be knocking at your window I'll be begging you for more […]

I Need A Dollar – Aloe Blacc

Intro (down strums): G#m F# C#m Chorus G#m F# C#m I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need, hey hey G#m F# C#m Well I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need, hey hey G#m F# C#m And I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I […]

Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer

Intro: Dm C Am7 G x2 Verse: Dm C I've been waiting on the sunset Am7 Bills on my mindset G Dm I can get deny theyre getting high C Higher than my income Am7 Income's breadcrumbs G Dm I've been trying to survive C The glow that the sun gives Am7 Right around sunset […]

A Little Piece Of Heaven – Avenged Sevenfold

Intro: D C# A# A E (x2) Dm Fm (x2) Dm C# Before the story begins, is it such a sin, Fm G#m For me to take what's mine, until the end of time? Dm C# We were more than friends, before the story ends, Fm G#m And I will take what's mine, create what […]

It’s Nice To Be Alive – Ball Park Music

Intro: G# C# D# D#7 Go! G# Fm C# D# x 2 Verse 1: G# C# Boring as bat-**** you people make me feel so D# D#7 Curious and I don't know why You think you'll end up in the sky G# C# Happy as Larry and riding sheep on clouds, well, D# D#7 I'd […]

Atlas Hands – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

D#m F# B D#m F# B D#m F# B Take me to the docks, there's a ship without a name that D#m F# B It is sailing to the middle of the sea D#m F# B The water there is deeper than anything you've ever seen D#m F# B Jump right in and swim until […]

Skinny Love – Birdy

C#m A E (2x) C#m A E Come on skinny love just last the year C#m A E Pour a little salt we were never here C#m A E My my my – my my my – my my my my – my my … F#m C#m Staring at the sink of blood and crushed […]

For Emma – Bon Iver

Intro: C Em F C 2x Em C So apropos: Em C Saw death on a sunny snow F "For every life…" C "Forgoe the parable." F "Seek the light." C "…My knees are cold." Em F C (Running home, running home, running home, running home…) Em C "Go find another lover; Em C To […]

Rain – Breaking Benjamin

Intro: C, F, C, F, Am, G, F Verse 1 C F Take a photograph C F it'll be the last C Am G F not a dollar or a crowd could ever keep me here C F I don't have a past C F I just have a chance C Am G F not […]

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Intro: E, F#m, A, E E It’s a beautiful night, F#m we’re looking for something dumb to do, A E Hey baby, I think I want to marry you. E Is it that look in your eyes, F#m Or is it this dancing juice? A E Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you. […]

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Verse: Am I threw a wish in the well, F Don't ask me, I'll never tell C G I looked to you as it fell, and now you're in my way Verse: Am I trade my soul for a wish, F pennies and dimes for a kiss C G I wasn't looking for this, but […]

Duet With Myself – Charlie McDonnell

A# F I am you, you are me C A Dm Together we make a perfect Charlie A# F And when Im feeling down C A Dm We know that we will always be around F Our relationship is complicated
 C A# Sometimes its hard to remember 
That youre even there F But when I […]

Trouble – Chris Rene

A# – A# – A# – A# – D# – D# – Gm – F A# A# A# A# Trouble, trouble D# D# Gm F Uh-oh, uh-oh A# A# A# A# D# D# She knows just the way to walk on by Gm F That makes my heart stop A# A# A# A# D# D# […]

Chupee – Cocoon

Intro (x2) G Em Bm D7 G Em We have gone to the country Bm (D7) In your old car G Em We have lost our way Bm (D7) So many times Chorus: C Am Hello, hello G D I take you on a trip C Am Hello, hello G D I take you on […]

Princess Of China (feat. Rihanna) – Coldplay

Ohhhhh…. [Chris Martin] Am Once upon a time somebody ran C Somebody ran away saying fast as I can Dm F I've got to go…got to go Am Once upon a time we fell apart C You're holding in your hands the two Halves of my heart Dm F Ohhhhh, ohhhhh! Am C Dm F […]