Awful Lot of Running – Chameleon Circuit

 Intro (x2): E G

E                                G
He is like fire, burning through time
E                                  G
As old as forever, but fast in his prime
E                               G
I saw his blue spaceship materialise
E                              G
He stepped out and said to me, "run for your life!"

 Pre- Chorus:
C                        Fmaj7                      E        G
I don't know why I never thought to ask him for his name
C                                  Fmaj7              D7
But I really don't think he'd have told me the truth anyway
But you know, that's ok

        Am                          E
It's completely terrifying but it's so so exciting
   Dm                       Fmaj7              G
He said I was brilliant and I could change the world
Am                                  E
So many places I've been and there's so much more to see
          Dm                       G
We've got galaxies and planets and moons
                               E     G
And an awful lot of running to do

     E                                G
As a full-time companion he gave me a key
      E                                G
And a phone with a signal in every galaxy
      E                                  G
As we fell through the vortex I felt so free

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