Bad for Me – Megan And Liz

 Intro (x2): G Cadd9 Em7 D

       Em7           D
I wore red cause you liked that
            Cadd9       G
You’re like hey, let me get that
           Em7             D
But when I text, you don’t text back,
       Cadd9            G
No you didn’t cause you didn’t care.
         Em7           D
Well the game makes me crazy
          Cadd9   G
It’s like yes, no maybe,
           Em7        D
And you’re calling me baby,
       Cadd9         G
When I know that you just don’t care

 Pre- Chorus:
Em7  D
Woah ohhh
Cadd9                 G
Sayin’ that I quit but it’s just not true
     Em7  D
Like whoa ohh
Cadd9                     G (hold)
I say I don’t like it but you know I do

      G            Cadd9
Cause you make me feel so right,
Em7     D
Even if it’s so wrong
G        Cadd9
I wanna scream out loud
    Em7        D
Boy but I just bite my tongue
                   G           Cadd9
This one’s for the girls, messin’ with the boys
     Em7             D
Like he’s the melody and she’s background noise
G        Cadd9
Baby why can’t you see

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