Game Called Life – Leftover Cuties

  Verse 1:
F            A                 A#     C  
It's so hard to turn your life over

F	    A    	 A#     C  
Step out of your comfort zone
F            A   	     A#       C  
It's so hard to choose one direction
F	  A  	      A#     C  
When your future is unknown

F	     A      	     A#	          C  
Is this some kind of a joke, will someone wake me up soon? 

F		     A              A#		   C  
And tell me this was just a game we played, called life. 

 Interlude: F A A# C 

  Verse 2 (same as first  Verse): 
F    A                 A#      C
Are, are we all really slaves? 

F      A           A#     C
By the hands of ourselves
F                  A                      A#                  C
Did I really make, all of those mistakes? 
am I really getting older?
F        A            A#    C
Then why do I feel so lost? 


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