Good Morning Sunshine – Alex Day

 Intro: B

  Verse 1:
B                        E                B
Good morning sunshine, I hope that you're well
B                        E                B
Honey I missed you, last night when night fell
B                              E           B
You should know, sunshine, you brighten my day
B                                  E       B
The world gets so dark, love, when you go away

 Pre- Chorus:
  G#m                      E                                                 
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
But I can't help but wonder

B                        E                
If the darkness came tomorrow,
        G#m            F#
Could I keep you in my mind?
B                        E                
When you rise up let me follow
Just for the chance
   E             B
To stand in your light

  Verse 2:
B                          E                 B
Good morning sunshine, I'm glad you're still here
B                            E                B
My darling it's hard when my friends can't be near
B                      E             B
Till I can be there to show them I'm true
B                                E         B
I hope what they're seeing is as bright as you


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