Guns And Horses – Ellie Goulding

 Intro: C  Em

C         Em
You're so quiet
C      Em
But it doesn't faze me
C         Em
You're on time
C                       Em
You move so fast, makes me feel lazy

C              Em
And let's join forces
C             Em
We've got our guns and horses
C      Em
I know you've been burned but
C               Em
every fight is a lesson learned

C         G
I left my house, I left my 
clothes, door wide open heaven
C                G
knows, you're so worth it, you you you
You are

                   C       D       Em    G
But I wish I could Feel it all for you
               C     D       Em     G
I wish I could be it all for you
            C        D                     Em       G
If I could erase the pain, and maybe you'd feel the same
          C       D    Em
I'd do it all for you, I would, I would, I, I, I

C   Em         C   Em

C         Em
Let's tie words, ah
C            Em
'Cause they amount to 

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