Intervention – Arcade Fire

Am F C x 2
Am F C G C (-F-C)

Am               F        C
The king’s taken back the throne.
Am          F       C
The useless seed is sown.
Am                   F                Em
When they say they’re cutting off the phone,
G                     C   (-F-C)
I tell 'em you're not home

Am F        C
No place to hide,
Am                   F                C
You're fightin' as a soldier on their side
Am              F               Em
You’re still a soldier in your mind
G                       C   (-F-C)
Though nothing's on the line

Am           F             C
You say it’s money that we need,
Am              F              C
As if we’re the only mouths to feed.
Am        F               Em
And no no matter what you say,
G                         C        (-F-C)
There’s some debts you'll never pay.


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