Man Of The Hour – Pearl Jam

 Intro (optional): C G C G C G Am G Am G

C                 G
tidal waves don't beg forgiveness
C                   G
crash, then on their way
C            G
father, he enjoyed collisions

Am             G
others walked away
Am                    G
the snowflake falls in may

and the doors are open now
as the bells are ringing out
cuz the man of the hour
has taken his final bow
goodbye for now

 Interlude: C G C G C G Am G Am G

C             G
nature has its own religion
C               G
gospel from the land
C               G
father ruled by long division

Am                 G
young men, they pretend
Am            G
old men comprehend

and the sky breaks at dawn
         Am              C
shedding light upon this town

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