Oh – It Is Love – Hellogoodbye

[ G      Am
 Oh, it is love

  Bm              C                        G 
 From the first time I set my eyes up on yours

  Am          Bm         C 
 Thinking oh, is it love?  ]

Oh dear
 Bm   A#m   C 
It's been hardly a moment
 Cm                   G
And you are already missed
 Bm   A#m  C 
There is still a bit of your skin
 Cm                    G
That I'm yet to have kissed.
 Bm A#m C 
Oh say please do not go When you 
 Cm                   G
Know you know that i must,
 Bm A#m C 
Oh say I love you so,

 Cm                        G
You know you know you can trust. We'll be 
 C                  Bm
Holding hands once again. All our 
 C                  Bm
Broken plans I will mend. I will 
Hold you tight so you 
 G         Am
Know It is love from the 
 Bm          C 
First time I set my hand into 
 G             Am        Bm    C  
Yours. Thinking Oh is it love?

 G, Bm, A#m, C , Cm.
 G,   #

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