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LDN – Lily Allen

F C7 Riding through the city on my bike all day Cause the F C7 filth took away my license It F C7 doesn't get me down and I feel OK Cause the F C7 sights that I'm seeing are priceless F C7 Everything seems to look as it should But I F C7 wonder […]

Honest – Loveable Rogues

Intro: Gsus4 Cadd9 Verse1: Gsus4 Cadd9 Don't cry, try not to wait up for me tonight Gsus4 I'm leaving for the future and it's bright Cadd9 Being swept off my feet like a drifting kite Verse2: Gsus4 Cadd9 And I'm regretting all the choices that I make Gsus4 But I know we can learn from […]

I Am Not A Robot – Marina And The Diamonds

D You've been acting awful tough lately A Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately G D But inside, you're just a little baby A Oh D It's okay to say you’ve got a weak spot A You don't always have to be on top G D Better to be hated than loved, loved, loved G […]

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

Intro: Cm A# Cm A# Cm A# Beauty queen of only eighteen Cm A# She had some trouble with herself Cm A# He was always there to help her Cm A# She always belonged to someone else Cm A# I drove for miles and miles Cm A# And wound up at your door Cm A# […]

Fighting For Nothing – Meg & Dia

Intro: H P A|-4——————| E|—-4—-1-2-1–1—| C|——————–| G|——-3———-3-| Verse 1: D#m When I was younger I wish B that I would have known better Better love makes a fat romance lasts for more than a shoe F# shine I'm bolder took all D#m the words of my mother B Saying it could be worse Could be […]

Time to Pretend – MGMT

Intro: xA|-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5–| xE|–5-5-5-5-3-2-3-5-5-5-5-3-2-3-| xC|——————————| xG|——————————| Riff (x5): xA|-7-5-4—–9-9——| xE|——————–| xC|——————–| xG|——4-2———–| Verse: D G D I'm feelin rough I'm feelin raw I'm in the prime of my life D G D Let's make some music make some money find some models for wives. D G D I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and **** […]

The Driveway – Miley Cyrus

Intro: E E After twelve, not so well C#m Won't pretend it's too soon to tell A What's around this bend E No disgrace… about face… C#m Anything not to have to chase A You down again A E You know nothing hurts like losing C#m B When you know it's really gone A E […]

Skyloft – Misc Video Games

xA|—————————————————————————| xE|–9/10–9————————————10–9————————-| xC|———–9—-7–6–7—-4–6–7—-9–11———9–6—-6–7–9—2–2-| xG|—————————————————————————| xA|————————–0————————————————| xE|————————–0————————————————| xC|–6–7–9—11–9—6/2—1————————————————| xG|————————–2————————————————| xA|—————————————————————————| xE|–9/10–9————————————10–9————————-| xC|———–9—-7–6–7—-4–6–7—-9–11———9–6—-6–7–9—2–2-| xG|—————————————————————————| xA|—————————————————————————| xE|—————-10–9—————————2~————————-| xC|–6–7–9—11———9–6–6/9—7–6–2—4–2~————————-| xG|————————————————2~————————-|</PRE>

I Belong To You – Muse

Intro: Fm Cm x3 D Cm D Cm Woow! Hmmmm Fm Cm When these pillars get pulled down Fm Cm It will be you who wears the crown Fm Cm D And I'll owe everything to you Cm D Cm Whooaaa oooh whoaa oh Fm Cm How much pain has cracked your soul? Fm Cm […]

Pocketful Of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

[ Interlude] Am I got a pocket, [Am] Got a pocket full of sunshine G I got a love and I know that it's all mine F Oh, oh whoa oh Am Do what you want, [Am] But you never gonna break me, G Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me F No, oh […]

Did It Hurt – Never Shout Never

Intro: G-C-G-C Verse: G C I've been waitin' my whole life for a someone like you to go and G C Pick me up and take away my blues it's been one G C Hell of a year in my own shoes but I've G C G Got…some questions for you Chorus: Em D C […]

Longshot – Newton Faulkner

Verse: Am Its all there underneath everything we love and need Dm Em you and I Am Look around you will see broken minds and shattered dreams Dm Em wasted time Am But I don't mind losing sleep squeezing through the cracks between Dm Em day and night Chorus: Dm Its such a longshot Em […]

Polly – Nirvana

Intro= Em G D C Em G D C Em G D C Em Polly wants a cracker G D C Em Think I should get off of her first G D C Em I think she wants some water G D C Em To put out the blow torch D C It isn't me […]

King And Lionheart – Of Monsters And Men

Intro: D# D# Taking over this town, they should worry D# But these problems aside I think I taught you well Cm G#maj7 D# That we won't run, and we won't run, and we wont' run Cm G#maj7 D# That we won't run, and we won't run, and we won't run D# And in the […]

Another World – One Direction

G# D# Fm It's not me, It's not you, there's a reason G# D# Fm I'm just trying read the signals I'm receivin G# D# Fm It's like stone on fire, can you feel it G# D# Fm I don't know about you girl but I believe it G# D# Words will be just words… […]

Tell Me A Lie – One Direction

Verse 1: G Can't ever get it right C No matter how hard I try D And I've tried G Well, I put up a good fight C But your words cut like knives D And I'm tired Em D C D As you break my heart again this time Chorus: G D Tell me […]

Dear Mr. President – P!nk

Intro: A#, F, Gm, F Verse: A# F Gm F (ONE STRUM) Dear Mr President, come take a walk with me A# F Lets pretend, we're just two people and, you're not better than me, Gm F I'd like to, ask you some questions if we could, speak honestly. D# Cm A# F What do […]

Pencil Full Of Lead – Paolo Nutini

D I’ve got a sheet for my bed and a pillow for my head; I’ve got a pencil full of lead; and some water for my throat G I’ve got b***ons for my coat; and sails on my boat D So much more than I needed before A G I got money in the meter […]

Beautiful Ways – Pat McGee

C G Am I'm not a Savior So Do me a Favor E C Stop and see me sometime G Don't need you save me Am I'm ready to break free E F I Just need to somebody to say F You know you're never too far away F You know you're never too far […]

Airplane – Plain White T's

Intro: Gm D Gm D7 A# D7 A# Bm Cm Gsus4 Cm Gsus4 D Am7 A7 D7 Gm D Airplane, airplane Gm D7 Put me to sleep again A# D7 A# Bm Take me away, off to a dream Cm Gsus4 Cm And then I'll fly so high across the sky Gsus4 D And wake […]