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Part Of Your World – Jodi Benson

Intro: Csus4 A# Look at this stuff C Isnt it neat? A# C Wouldnt you think my collections complete? Am Dm G7 G7 Wouldnt you think I'm the girl the girl who has everything. A# Look at this trove C Treasures untold A# C How many wonders can one cavern hold? Dm Am Looking around […]

Heart Of Life – John Mayer

Intro (x2): C – Am- Em – F – C – G – C (played like the first part of the Verse) C Am I hate to see you cry Em F G Lying there in that po-si-tion C Am There's things you need to hear Em so turn off your tears F C G […]

First Impressions – Julia Nunes

G D C G D C I've gotten used to being introduced, hello, whats ur name, how are you? G D C They see my smile, my laugh and the hurt behind my eyes G D C Loss is not so easily disguised G B C D# I've tried my best to keep up with […]

After Tonight – Justin Nozuka

Chords: D#1 [1 3 3 x] D#2 [2 4 4 x] D#3 [3 5 5 x] Intro: D#3/D#2/D#1 D#1/D#2/D#3 D#3/D#2/D#1 Verse: Cm Gm There's something in your eyes Cm Gm Is everything all right Fm Gm You look up to the sky D#1 you long for something more D#1/D#2/D#3 Darling D#3/D#2/D#1 D#1/D#2/D#3 give me your […]

The One That Got Away – Katy Perry

E Summer after high school when we first met G#m We make out in you mustang to radio head C#m A And on my 18th birthday we bought matching tattoos E Used to steal your parent's liquor and climb to the roof G#m Talk about our future like we had a clue C#m A Never […]

Soundtrack 2 My Life – Kid Cudi

Intro: Em Am C G Dm Em Am Em Am I got 99 problems, and they all b-tches C Dm Wish I was Jigga man, care free livin' Em Am But I'm not shawn, or Martin Louis C Dm I’m that Cleveland n-gga, rollin' with them Brooklyn boy Em Am You know how it be […]

Word Up – Korn

Intro: F# E D F# E Yo pretty ladies around the world D E F# E F# Got a weird thing to show you so tell all the boys and girls D Tell your brother, your sister and your mamma too D E F# E F# We're about to go down and you know just […]

The Freckle Song – Larry Vincent

Intro: A# A# A# I've got a girl that I'm just simply wild about A# Folks say I'm a lucky boy A Dm Everywhere we go people rave about A Dm This little bundle of joy A# She's got freckles on her but she is nice A# F And when she's in my arms it's […]

You And Me – Lifehouse

Intro – G // C // G // G // Em // D // C Verse 1: G C What day is it? G G And in what month Em D C This clock never seemed so alive. G C I can't keep up G G And I can't back down Em D I've been […]

Euphoria – Loreen

Bm A G Why, why can't this moment last forevermore? Bm A D Tonight, tonight eternity's an open door… Bm A G No, don't ever stop doing the things you do. Bm A D Don't go, in every breath I take I'm breathing you… F#m E Euphoria A D Forever, 'till the end of time […]

I’m A Bird – Marco Z

Intro: light strumming E I've been living by the corner of the street for years B Where the younger boys and girls meet up E After school trying to act so cool B As their mopeds and their heartbeats speed up A B Oh, the times I've wasted A B Oh, the times I've wasted […]

One More Night – Maroon 5

Intro: Fm, Cm, A#m Ooh, oh oh oh, ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh, oh oh oh, ooh ooh ooh ooh Verse 1 Fm Cm A#m You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war Fm Cm A#m You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the door Fm […]

All About You – McFly

C# A#m F# G# it's all about you, it's all about you baby. C# A#m F# G# it's all about you, it's all about you. C# F A#m C# yesterday you asked me something i thought you knew F# G# C# so i told you with a smile it's all about you C# F A#m […]

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

A——2-7-2———2-7-2———2-7-2———2-7-2—- E–0————-0————-0————-0———7– D——————————————————— G—-0——-0—–0——-0—–0——-0—–0———- A——2———–2———————————-2———— E–7———–7p0———–7——-7—8—7h8\5—-7-5h3\2-0—- C–4————————————————————— G———-0———–0———0——————————— A–0————————-0—————0—2—- E————–2p0———————–0—0—0—- C—————————————————– G——5—————5———5———–5—5—- A–3—3—7———–3—–5—5—7———9—2p7– E–0———–3p0—–0—–0———–0h5p0—7—— C——————————————————- G–5—–5—5——-5-5—–5—–7—7—————- A——2-7-2———2-7-2———2-7-2———2-7-2—- E–0————-0————-0————-0———— C——————————————————— G—-0——-0—–0——-0—–0——-0—–0——-0– A————2~~———-5——3—– E–0—-3—————2——0——- C—–4—4———–2——0——— x2 G————————————– A————2~~———5——-3———3——2—6—- E–0—-3—————–2——–0———3——2—— C—–4—4———–2—-2–0——0———3———– G—————————————-0————–2– A——2-7-2———2-7-2—- E–0————-0———— C—————————– G—-0——-0—–0——-0– Intro: Em… ss

Party In The U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus

Intro: F# F#-C#-D#m D#m Verse 1: F# A#m I hopped off the plane at LAX D#m C# with a dream and my cardigan F# A#m D#m welcome to the land of fame excess, C# am I gonna fit in? F# A#m D#m Jumped in the cab, Here I am for the first time C# Look […]

I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Misc Movies

Verse 1: Em D G Let's get down to business (D G) Am D To defeat the Huns Em D G Did they send me daughters (D G) Am D When I asked for sons? Chorus: C D You're the saddest bunch I ever met G C But you can bet before we're through C […]

In The Summertime – Mungo Jerry

Intro: | E – E | E – E | A – A | E – E | B – A | E – E | E In the summertime when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky, A E when the weather is fine, you got women, you […]

What are you doing new year’s eve? – Nancy Wilson

Intro: E F#7 Am B7 Verse: E D7 Maybe it's much too early in the game; E E7 A Am Ah, but I thought I'd ask you just the same — E C#7 F#7 B7 (Cdim) E C#7 B7 What are you doing New Year's, New Year's Eve? Verse: E D7 Wonder whose arms will […]

Can’t Stand It – Never Shout Never

G C Baby, I love you Am D I never want to let you go G C The more I think about, Am D The more I want to let you know… G C That everything you do, Am D Is super duper cute G C Am D And I cant stand it Em C […]

Dream Catch Me – Newton Faulkner V2

Intro: A D A D A D Every time I close my eyes Bm7 D It's you and I know now A F#m Bm7 Who I am Yea yea yea E And I know now A E There's a place I go When I'm alone F#m Do anything I want be anyone I wanna be […]