Sunday Morning After – Amanda Marshall

(Cell phone ringing)
Amanda: "Uh-hello?"
Guy: "Where are you?"
Amanda: "What time is it?"
Guy" "' the afternoon"
Amanda: "Uh"
Guy: "Are you alright?"
Amanda: "Hang on" 

 Intro (x4): A  E  G  D

A		 E
I woke up with a killer hangover
G	    D
Hope it was worth all this pain 
 A   E     G   D
(I'd do it all over again)
A        		  E
By the time the party was over
G	       D
Tequila was my claim to fame
 A E        G    D
(I couldn't re - member my name)

 Pre- Chorus:
      A            E
I was dancing with Jake
       G           D
When I last saw my keys 
         A        E
That was my first mistake
	    G		D
'Cause what happened to me? (oh..)
F#m		  G
I look down at my arm, baby
    F#m			        G
And something's lookin' back at me
And I cannot be - lieve it

A     E
Oh my god!
       G	 D
I woke up with a snake tattoo
A     E
Oh my god!
      G		    D
And I think that my tongue's pierced too
A     E     r

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