Turn Your Lights Down Low – Bob Marley

 Intro (x2): C D

G          D           Em
 Turn your lights down low,
C    Bm7       Am7             C  
 And pull your window curtains.
G            D         Em
 Oh, let Jah moon come shining in,
C         Bm7    Am7   C  
 Into our life a-gain, sayin';

 Pre- Chorus:
C     Bm7  Am7                    G  
 Ooh,  its been a long, long time,
C            Bm7         Am7       G  
 I kept this message for you, girl.
C       Bm7         Am7           G  
 But it seems I was never on time,
C              Bm7                Am7
 Still I wanna get through to you girlie,
   C     D   C     D
On time,  on time.

G          D             Em
 I want to give you some love, (good, good lovin');
C          Bm7           Am7
 I want to give you some good, good lovin',
(Good, good lovin).

    G      D      Em
Oh, I, oh, I,  oh I,

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